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ostentatiously or inappropriately pretty

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Don't be put off by their pretty-pretty pink colour, they taste divine, smooth and creamy with an edge of alcohol.
But there are pretty-pretty numbers too, most notably the grand pas de deux featuring The Sugar Plum Fairy and The Prince.
It was amazing fun, though, not for pretty-pretty girls but anyone who's fairly outgoing would really enjoy it,' she says.
You may need to take it easy after that and perhaps give skiing a miss for the day - Vermont is stacked with pretty-pretty villages, very Cotswold in feel.
It was somewhat ironic then that despite plenty of the pretty-pretty flowing moves, when it came to Earnshaw's 25th minute Cardiff opener it was classic Route One stuff.
Although the film depicts the New York of the '80s, this detail humorously comports itself with the aesthetic inclinations of pretty-pretty nouveau Color Field painting in LA today.
Wearing pretty-pretty pink linen suits and mumsy old scarves to court isn't something she's generally known for though.
Inspired by Moroccan and Indian designs, choose from little beauties with diamante studs, tiny silver charms for a Gypsy Rose look or pretty-pretty sequinned flowers.
1 Pierre Bonnard (Museum of Modern Art, New York; co-organized by the Tate Gallery, London) I once thought of Bonnard as that other pretty-pretty French painter who wasn't Matisse.
For those women who fancy teaming the pretty-pretty look with a modern design, a pave diamond open heart 18ct white or yellow gold pendant (pounds 750) and 18ct white or yellow gold chain (pounds 75 and pounds 95 respectively) make the ideal fashion acce ssory.
And I don't mean the crew of pretty-pretty painters who dabble "playfully" in formalist concerns while studiously disavowing or making fun of the intellectual premises that underwrote Color Field painting, and hence aligning themselves with the kinder, gentler crap that enjoys such vogue in certain quarters of the art world.
Though this move away from floaty skirts and pretty-pretty Laura Ashley dresses is understandable, it's also regrettable that women feel obliged to dress like men so much of the time.