pretty penny

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a large sum of money

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There is no doubt Pretty Penny is most attractively handicapped if reproducing the form of her solitary success under rules, and the return to happy hunting-ground Plumpton can only be viewed in positive terms.
He expects to rescue his 100th working class dog in early 2011, a milestone he and Pretty Penny Ranch are anxious to achieve.
For all these bells and whistles, though, it is going to cost a pretty penny.
Rosie O'Donnell lives here in a 22-room mansion called Pretty Penny.
Or, "Illegal downloads of music are now costing the music industry a pretty penny.
The five-year-old, who cost a pretty penny as a yearling in America, was a bargain 14,500 guineas as a three-year-old.
Mantaro, the generating jewel in the crown of state-owned electricity company Electroperu, would bring in a pretty penny.
Armed with a portfolio of projects from around the world, the new generation of consultants not only have something pretty to show company heads, but can show accountants a pretty penny in savings.
Guerra added that, although these employee perks could cost a pretty penny, NCCI has been able to implement them at relatively low cost to the company through a creative partnership with the YMCA of Boca Raton.
I will be glad to see you in a couple of years, no doubt paying a pretty penny to see your name in lights.
INDULGE in your favourite cuisines and save a pretty penny with our great offer.
HER Majesty looks like she must have won a pretty penny at the races.
21 - are going to be setting plenty of people a pretty penny back.
And it made a pretty penny for charity, Saim's restaurant pledged their support to the Forget Me Not Children's Hospice, Brackenhall, in the second of their annual fundraising dinners.
And with those odds she would have made a pretty penny, depending on how much she bet in the first place.