pretty penny

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a large sum of money

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There is no doubt Pretty Penny is most attractively handicapped if reproducing the form of her solitary success under rules, and the return to happy hunting-ground Plumpton can only be viewed in positive terms.
So we can rest assured our loos are safe in the council will continue to spend a pretty penny on our conveniences.
Pretty Penny Dog Ranch trains, boards and manages the breeds most dog services avoid.
It is a great buy as the current owners spent a pretty penny opening this place.
MISS Wales 2010 contestants have raised a pretty penny for charity.
Carry-Lite's Peep'n Tom and Pretty Penny take decoys a step further with a soft, pliable construction material that enables the hunter to fold them up and transport them in a turkey vest.
That's enough to cover twice-yearly purchases of gas additives and have a pretty penny left over.
This was, after all, the same commission that cost Microsoft a pretty penny for settling anti-trust violations.
At the yearly National Specialty, competitors win points toward championship ranking with prizes ranging from $25 to $125--a meager sum compared to the pretty penny enthusiasts invest.
He never earned a doctorate, but did earn a pretty penny from Standard Oil, which hired him to advertise Flit bug spray.
For all these bells and whistles, though, it is going to cost a pretty penny.
According to an Environment Agency report, the county has 38 of the 50 worst rivers in Wales in terms of pollution from mines, some of which used to make a pretty penny for 17th century royalty.
Rosie O'Donnell lives here in a 22-room mansion called Pretty Penny.
Or, "Illegal downloads of music are now costing the music industry a pretty penny.
Mantaro, the generating jewel in the crown of state-owned electricity company Electroperu, would bring in a pretty penny.