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Synonyms for prettiness

the quality of being appealing in a delicate or graceful way (of a girl or young woman)


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He had time to note the light, fluffy something that hid her queenly head, the tasteful lines of her wrapped figure, the gracefulness of her carriage and of the hand that caught up her skirts; and then she was gone and he was left staring at the two girls of the cannery, at their tawdry attempts at prettiness of dress, their tragic efforts to be clean and trim, the cheap cloth, the cheap ribbons, and the cheap rings on the fingers.
I do not think Felicity was quite well pleased that Cyrus should have passed over her rose-red prettiness to set his affections on that demure elf of a Cecily.
Coleman's Sunderland passed the ball much better than they have at any point so far this season, but for all their prettiness, there was little to worry Sam Johnstone in the opposition goal.
Bounded by natural prettiness with green grass all around, the country boasts some of world's best Golf courses.
32 FASHION Get in a bohemian rhapsody 35 FASHION NOTES Winter wonders and pom-pom prettiness 36 BEAUTY Glam for older faces 39 BEAUTY NOTES Luscious lipsticks and bubble baths that smell like cake 41 XMAS FOOD SPECIAL Yum yum 42 XMAS FOOD Eight turkey choices that'll keep everyone gobbling it up 44 XMAS FOOD Seasonal trends 49 XMAS FOOD Cute cakes for the kids 50 XMAS FOOD Give the gift of grub 53 XMAS FOOD Chocolates.
The Regulars unravels the concept of prettiness, beauty standards and pop culture in general.
I like grey and pink together, the pieces have a kind of ballerina prettiness to them and they are really good quality for the price.
It was the extraordinary prettiness of the baby that prompted the more feminine term.
Employed with a media house in Dubai, she wanted to know that if it was really true, that prettiness wasn't a criterion, why have so many job interviewers told her she was too fat/too chubby and that her face would look too big on TV to be a presenter.
The leaves, in golds and pinks, bold reds and rusty browns, create a panorama of prettiness.
Then it's on to Apia in Western Samoa, with islands of picture-postcard prettiness, sandy beaches and rugged mountain peaks.
Moving these colours into grown-up rooms has given them a prettiness that''s all about warmth and softness.
Keep the look super-sweet by layering pastel denim with similar pastel shades, or go the opposite direction and pare down the prettiness with a contrasting black top.
Mix and match the belts for a soft cohesive look that oozes prettiness.