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desperate attempt by the foe to prettify the ugly face of the occupation, and
Threatening Assange for releasing a quarter of a million of the empire's secret files, does, especially since Assange didn't alter or prettify them but released them in their unexpurgated state.
In another example difficult to prettify, a recent study by Defence for Children International found that beatings, torture and illegal detention of Palestinian children by Israeli security forces is routine.
The answer to that is a simple "yes," because journalism's job is to tell people what's happening in the world, not to prettify it.
The latest figures drew criticism from DISY Vice Chairman Averoff Neophytou, who said that "unemployment is a problem for us, even though the government continues to prettify the situation".
There's no way to prettify it, 2008 has been an annus horribilis, probably the worst economic mess since the Great Depression of the 1930s.
His aim is to rehabilitate Martin, not to prettify him.
Fleeing from talking about wasted lives is to prettify the ugliness of the Iraq war while inflicting damage on accurate language.
Some sites have attempted to prettify rolldown barriers with murals or other decorations, with mixed success.
Not 68-year-old Gladys Hulse, who will prettify gifts for 28 people this year.
As an art student in Sofia, Christo was sent out to the country on government-organized expeditions to help prettify the farms along the route of the Orient Express, so that affluent Western passengers, bound for Paris or Istanbul, would glimpse a seemingly prosperous land, not the squalid reality of a collective state.
What's more, the silk screens and DVDs lack the directness and eloquence of the performances themselves, serving only to encapsulate and prettify what Hsieh has spent so much time and energy drawing out.
True to the poet's most indispensable role as mirror of our collective conscience, Espada has written a book of essays that resists the impulses to prettify or to look away.
A work of art, be it a painting, a drawing or a sculpture, can do more than prettify a room.
The pink pastel may be more soothing to the eye, but it does little to prettify the reality of the hard-scramble life along the border.