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(law) a conference held before the trial begins to bring the parties together to outline discovery proceedings and to define the issues to be tried

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He has told staffer and international partners who have gone to witness a welcoming program held in his honor that it is against the laws of Liberia for prison facilities, inmates, pretrial detainees and others to be in conditions that are inhumane to them.
Tarawali notes that he and his team are going to make sure that they work with national and international partners in ensuring that inmates, pretrial detainees, juvenile and prison workers' conditions experience some level of changes.
Excessive money bail disproportionately affects communities of color, as studies have shown that African American and Hispanic defendants are more likely to be detained pretrial than white defendants and less likely to be able to post money so they can be released.
Sets forth principles to obtain grants, including: Replacing money bail system with individualized, pretrial assessments with risk-based decision-making.
1) This practicum highlights the results of a recent assessment of the Municipality of Anchorage's pretrial diversion program as an example of a small but hopeful cost-savings option for Alaskan communities.
8) Major reforms that were proposed include using evidence-based pretrial practices, prioritizing prison and jail space for serious and violent offenders, strengthening community supervision programs, ensuring oversight and accountability, and expanding crime victims' rights.
Equal Protection/Due Process: Does Pretrial Detention Produce
Substantive Due Process: Is Pretrial Detention Punishment?
This is not the first time pretrial detention has been linked to an increase in likelihood of being convicted.
The impact of pretrial detention was also visible in the detainees' employment status and income.
The syndicate believes that this article is a tool to allow pretrial detention in publishing crimes, after they tried to ban it in the original version of the bill.
The penal code does not allow pretrial detention for publishing crimes as stipulates Article 134.
Located in Surrey, British Columbia, the Surrey Pretrial Services Centre Expansion Project is a 139,930-square foot correctional facility that connects with an existing pretrial centre, making it the largest correctional facility in BC.
In short, advancing pretrial justice is an area ripe for the leadership of prosecutors, for the benefit of victims, communities, the accused, and society as a whole.
It is a frustrating event for any chief of justice (CoJ) or trial counsel (TC) to witness an accused's time in pretrial confinement result in a large credit against confinement because of conditions at the civilian confinement facility (CCF) (2) contracted by the installation.