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Synonyms for pretorian

of or relating to a Roman praetor

characteristic of or similar to the corruptible soldiers in the Praetorian Guard with respect to corruption or political venality


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Oliver Bekker The Pretorian won the 2013 Telkom PGA Pro-Am on the Sunshine Tour at a nearby venue, and was a three-time Sunshine Tour champ last season.
Members of al-Dawla, like Pretorian Guards centuries ago, receive more compensation, live in better quarters, and deliver the harshest punishments.
He eventually joined the conspiracy of Caius Calpurnius Piso, who planned to overthrow Nero's despotic rule by assassinating him and be made an emperor himself, through the agency of the pretorian guard.
Le Roux's season has certainly been a memorable one, after scoring in his first two games, the Pretorian suffered tragedy when, just a few minutes before the start of the game at Tynedale, he discovered his father had been killed in an accident back home.
Raising taxes cost many a Roman Caesar or Pretorian Guard commander their life.
All anyone wanted was the Pretorian Holy Grail, an 80s discostyle spangly wristband - it's surely just a matter of time before they start appearing as souvenirs on eBay.
Something else faded in the early hours of Valentine's Day in the Paralympian's Pretorian home - the respect and admiration the world had for a sporting idol.
Now the 24-year-old Pretorian looks set to follow the lead of another Els Academy graduate, 2010 Open champ Louis Oosthuizen, by winning a prestigious title at St Andrews.
That suited the jinking Scarlet down to the ground as he capped a superb all-round display with a mesmeric second-half try that even had the partisan Pretorian crowd on their feet in admiration.
Based on court records of public notaries in Palermo and cases brought before the Pretorian court in Palermo, these abstracts and transcripts illustrate the economic, social and religious history of the Jewish minority and their relations with the Christian majority on the island.
He received the dux docens laureatus and MD (honoris causa) from the Universities of Pretoria and the Free State, Pretorian of the Year from the City of Pretoria, and Special Distinction by the Medical Research Council.
It is difficult to write about Pistorius without sounding patronising, but the Pretorian must be applauded.
Notarial deeds drawn up by public notaries in Palermo and elsewhere and cases brought before the Pretorian Court in Palermo present a kaleidoscopic picture of the private lives of the Jews of Sicily during the last three centuries of their presence on the island.
48) A future populist regime will have to adopt the same (immenserising) growth acceleration strategy that has been articulated by the present pretorian regime.
According to Hutton, Icknield Street was "one of those famous pretorian roads which marked the Romans with conquest, and the Britons with slavery".