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Synonyms for pretext

Synonyms for pretext

a professed rather than a real reason

an explanation offered to justify an action or make it better understood


Synonyms for pretext

something serving to conceal plans

an artful or simulated semblance

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Robinson, the Court held that a traffic-violation arrest would not be rendered invalid because it was "a mere pretext for a narcotics search," and that a lawful postarrest search of the person would not be invalid by the fact that it was not motivated by the officer-safety concern that justifies such searches.
BEIRUT: Israeli army units Wednesday crossed the technical fence in the border village of Aitaroun, under the pretext of clearing mines in the area, the National News Agency reported.
foreign intervention in Egypt's internal affairs or its sovereignty under any pretext, for example under the pretext of protecting Christians, is rejected," Coptic Catholic Patriarch Ibrahim Isaac Sedrak said.
Greece, under the pretext of of illegal migration, and Bulgaria, under the pretext of taking measures against foot and mouth disease, are practically building a wall between Turkey and Europe," he has said.
This also applies to the kind of security being enforced by the police of the Interior Ministry affiliated with the movement, with regard to other factions and forces - sometimes under the pretext of their breaking the law (what law?
How the Same-Actor Doctrine Distorts the Pretext Inquiry
Chris Gibbs - Pretext "He is an acoustic singer/songwriter - I think from Coed Ely - with this album called Pretext that I really like.
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has again expressed doubts over the true extent of the Holocaust and called it a pretext by the West to gain domination over the Middle East.
Plan "A" involved "wrong-footing" Saddam into providing a legal pretext for war.
Fifth, after pointing out that the Bush Administration used 9/11 as a pretext for the war in Iraq, he calls it a "senseless war.
First, warfare is often the pretext for the suspension of human rights.
Recommended steps to safeguard information include establishing procedures to verify the identity of individuals applying for financial products, to prevent fraudulent address changes, and to block pretext callers from using personal information to impersonate account holders and gain access to account information.
A class action was filed challenging the legality of the roadblock on the grounds that the license and registration check was merely a pretext for the drug seizure.
For him, the pretext for dancing was music, and some of that music was jazz or jazz-influenced.
If there is no sufficient reason for war, the war party will make war on one pretext, then invent another, possibly more effective, pretext after war is on.