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in a supernatural manner

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His sly voice sounded preternaturally sly in the absolute darkness, but even through that impenetrable veil I knew it for a sham.
Lying far back in the deep arm-chair, with squarely spread elbows, and throwing one leg over a thick knee, he had with his smooth and rosy countenance the air of a preternaturally thriving baby that will not stand nonsense from anybody.
He gained the bridge, and discovered he could detect obscure shapes as if his sight had become preternaturally acute.
They are never attended upon, or fed, or driven, or caught, but are thrown upon their own resources in early life, and become preternaturally knowing in consequence.
Circling the Sun captures the private side of a woman who appears preternaturally self-assured, even as her world is crashing down around her ears.
As someone who has just turned 50 I have now become almost preternaturally aware of the myriad dangers faced by the middle-aged community.
When properly set-up, this device will fire rolled up T-shirts into a crowd should your school, college, or municipality be preternaturally open-minded.
My mother-in-law was in every way a divergence from the stereotype: preternaturally patient, radiant with love, alert for ways to support and approve of her children, including those who had joined her family by marriage.
Sandy is preternaturally articulate, able to explain things without condescension or oversimplification.
Yes, it was panto season, but no, it wasn't the Gloucestershire lad, Dick Whittington, and his fictional cat who, returning home up Highgate Hill after failing to find his fortune in London, heard the (very) distant Bow Bells preternaturally telling him to 'turn again' and fulfil his destiny of becoming mayor of the city.
Preternaturally optimistic, often disturbingly so, despite all evidence to the contrary.
Pacino is warm, goofy and full of life as he tries to charm his way back into the life of his son, his pregnant daughter-in-law (Jennifer Garner) and their precocious kid (Giselle Eisenberg), who seems to defy all child actor stereotypes with a preternaturally realistic and wonderful performance that's unnecessarily spoiled by the reveal that she suffers from an attention disorder.
It is worth adding that Warren is preternaturally scrupulous when it comes to recording the views of other scholars.
It was a real joy to see James Laing back with the company with a lead role, bringing his glorious, preternaturally high notes and charismatic acting.
in a series of situational metamorphoses, presenting both an artist finding her place--almost half the works were made when Judy Chicago was Judy Gerowitz (nee Cohen), a young widow who had just completed her master's degree in painting and sculpture at UCLA in 1964--and an artist who seemed preternaturally aware of where she wanted to be from the start.