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s rejection of hypothetical jurisdiction, the practice whereby a court could pretermit discussion of standing in order to dismiss a case on the merits.
Without love, faith, and hope, our view of "us" is pretermit,
Finding that the trial judge had erred in denying the waiver, the court further stated, "[i]n light of our holding, we pretermit any discussion of [the minor's] argument concerning the trial court's appointment of a lawyer to represent the fetus.
While the weight of authorities who have considered this issue have concluded that expert testimony is inadmissible, (fn 2) we chose here to pretermit the issue and hold, for the reasons discussed below, that the admission of Stan Smith's testimony was harmless error even if it should not have been allowed.
in company let us hope with better qualities about wh[ich] we will pretermit discourse" (Harden, 1:228).
k (2012) ("[T]he fact that a dangerous condition is open and obvious bears on the assessment of whether reasonable care was employed, but it does not pretermit the land possessor's liability.
When done properly, presidential constitutionalism can engage the policy realm with an interpretive humility that acknowledges some role for executive constitutional interpretation, while promoting additional conversation with the equally expert coordinate branches to catalyze, rather than pretermit, judicial determinations of the constitutional questions at issue.
171) Thus, while the characterization of a disputed issue as "substantive" will then give rise to extensive application of various choice-of-law approaches, its characterization as "procedural" will pretermit further analysis.
inclination to pretermit its own interpretive inquiry so that it might