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suggesting by deliberately concise treatment that much of significance is omitted

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Qui plus est, l'emploi de la preterition est curieux dans l'enonce cite ci-dessus : Claire annonce qu'elle ne peindra pas ses sentiments, mais elle les nomme tout de meme (" la pitie, l'emotion, l'image de l'amour ").
New England settlers, true believers in election and preterition, helped found a country where free will is given vast rein.
While this chapter highlights the difficulty inherent in talking about literature's symbolic spaces and places in material terms, it clearly aims to illustrate its thesis: that Deane's apparently conventional Irish novel "challenges received spatial discourses, showing that familiar places may possess alternative meanings or functions, while places apparently absent through ignorance or preterition may in fact be present all along, modifying .
1-6), the play by preterition permits us not to forget what it pretends to suppress, attaching references to Don Pedro's anterior, martial self and to his status as an outsider, even as it would appear to labor to integrate him in the comic community and doings of Messina.
Thus, as for what is future to us, this is indistant to God, as are the past and our present; God simply grasps such, knowing how God's being can be participated, while abstracting from futurition, presentiality, and preterition.