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suggesting by deliberately concise treatment that much of significance is omitted

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Thus, as for what is future to us, this is indistant to God, as are the past and our present; God simply grasps such, knowing how God's being can be participated, while abstracting from futurition, presentiality, and preterition.
In addition, the unfinished appears in a rather subtle way in Psyche: through Poliphile's narrative reticence or preterition.
Its staples are indirection, preterition, disguise, subterfuge, and guile; it is demanding yet enriching while giving the reader "an ever-increasing responsibility to share the work of creation" (Worcester 166).
Echoing Derrida, Hartman suggests that there is something that is "at once numinous and ghostly" about writing (112), that it always entails something like a passing over, a preterition.
Vittorio Vettori (Milan: Marzorati, 1963) 170: "Dante fair mine de convertir sa temerite en doute, mais la 'folie' de langage qu'il laisse entrevoir comme une excuse constitue surtout le premier terme d'une preterition.
Even the later Belgic Confession of 1561 has a much shorter, very carefully phrased article on election and preterition, and chapter X of Bullinger's Second Helvetic Confession of 1566 easily outdoes the Forty-two Articles in both moderation and pastoral concern.
It speaks to that sense of history as a case of preterition.
Levi-Strauss's attribution of a definition of social anthropology par preterition seems to me not ironical (p.
Quelle nouvelle pointe d'ironie cache cette preterition ?
In an often cited essay, Vladimir Jankelevitch defines decadent temporality as governed by its oppressive preterition.
Et la preterition fait office de realisation du voyage.
Although such biographical explanations (as with the references to Freud) are often conveyed via the logic of preterition, the writing enjoys the virtue of user-friendly clarity and immediacy.
Une preterition evoque l'inceste: "Je ne vous parlerai point des mariages des premiers-nes des hommes, de ces unions ineffables, alors que la socur etait l'epouse du frere, que l'amour et l'amitie fraternelle se confondaient dans le meme coeur, et que la purete de l'une augmentait les delices de l'autre" (109-10).