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Synonyms for pretentiousness

Synonyms for pretentiousness

lack of elegance as a consequence of being pompous and puffed up with vanity

the quality of being pretentious (behaving or speaking in such a manner as to create a false appearance of great importance or worth)

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James added: "Although we are targeting the top end of the market, we're also dedicated to the fun element of it all and intend to avoid the pretentiousness and corporate stiffness that you get in other high-end venues.
Groups of S Bar-hoppers are seated in mismatched chairs at a giant white cross-shaped table to maximize the socializing and minimize the pretentiousness.
Rugby fans tend to reflect the brand's attributes of self-assurance, independence and a lack of pretentiousness.
Eden and Clarke skewer Gallic corruption, pretentiousness and self-regard, and slay the sacred cows of French life and culture, from suppository medicines to Sartre to the 2CV": Independent on Sunday
Jesus condemns them for their pretentiousness and arrogance and for using their power, knowledge, and privilege for their own glory while trampling on the poor and widows.
Despite this pretentiousness, but more probably because of it, Satake is very influential.
The pretentiousness of classical musicians is a frequent theme in this body of literature, and it's well illustrated in Paul Horgan's first novel, The Fault of Angels.
IN an evening ripe for pretentiousness, two down-to-earth literary talents delighted a packed Huddersfield University studio last night.
A real estate ad in a major Boston daily set what is for me a new level of pretentiousness.
Robertson manages to address pretentiousness along with our dollar driven, label obsessed society without being heavy handed.
One stated intention of the show was to unmask the pretentiousness of having cosmetic enhancement, according to text at the producer's Web site (www.
They can be taken as dadaist attacks on Geometric Abstraction and "functional" architecture or a broad debunking by a representational artist on the pretentiousness of self-styled pure art.
That single diary entry not only underscores Truman's dislike of the pomp and circumstance of the White House, it also underscores his total lack of pretentiousness.
Perhaps it's this lack of pretentiousness that bewitches the viewer, who at once desires to embrace and touch the creation to try to access a bit of the understanding Magana communicates through each piece.
Philip Hamburger's Separation of Church and State and Daniel Dreisbach's Thomas Jefferson and the Wall of Separation Between Church and State raise pedantry, eccentricity, and pretentiousness to new levels.