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Synonyms for preteen

a preadolescent boy or girl (usually between 9 and 12 years of age)

of or relating to or designed for children between the ages of 9 and 12

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Further analysis showed that, among girls, preteen alcohol use initiation was significantly associated with increased risk of suicidal thoughts--but not suicide attempts--relative to first consuming alcohol after age 13.
The findings support results from previous studies that had linked alcohol use to suicidal behavior in teens, but the data differ from previous studies by not supporting gender differences in the increased risk of suicidal behavior in preteen drinkers, Dr.
Santopietro creates a different voice for each of the several preteens who present the story from their point of view, including Marylin's intense and amusing younger brother Petey.
In a nutshell: Autobiographical story of a preteen boy's struggle through the 1980s Salvadoran civil war captures the shattering effect that combat has on civilians.
Not really," replies the preteen nonchalantly, towering over a mini-James Dean.
Lauren Britney Sitler, 12, will compete in the preteen pageant in Pasadena.
Yuya Yagira is the preteen who must take care of his three siblings when his mother takes off in ``Nobody Knows.
This summer Simon and Milo will be catching preteen ears with the theme song to a Disney Channel movie and a promotional campaign for Pillsbury Toaster Strudel.
They're as much a part of the culture as cargo shorts as retailers like Quiksilver and Pacific Sunwear set their sights on preteen girl shoppers.
The young protagonist comes across as a pleasant, normal preteen coping with an unusual supernatural ability.
In "I Like Guys," he turns the anguish of preteen homophobia into a laugh riot: "I told myself that I would find a girlfriend in Greece.