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Synonyms for presupposition

Synonyms for presupposition

something taken to be true without proof

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the act of presupposing

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A prime consideration in attempting to explain the strength of the commitment to education about the environment is the fact that we all hold, often uncritically, a number of presuppositions about curriculum and classroom practice which tend to influence or constrain our education-related actions.
Dussel's argument raises several important considerations in the study of the epistemic and normative presuppositions of European modernity.
Scientific text presupposition may be textual and general scientific one.
As stated earlier, the unit of analysis for the present essay is linguistic presupposition, which can be defined as an implicit assumption about the world or background belief upon which the truth of a statement hinges.
Bateson wrote that Americans (with whom, it should be noted, he lived and worked quite happily), 'have a strange response to any articulate statement of presupposition.
We all have endless numbers of unconscious presuppositions that we need to seek out, bring to the conscious level, proceed to analyze, and judge (krinein) whether they are valid or not.
It is the presupposition of a radical break between two forms of intelligence.
But what the questioner may not understand is that the doubter's non-absolutism is essentially a challenge to the very presuppositions upon which the questions are based: the existence of certain knowledge and absolute truth.
No wonder the secular high priesthood needs a federal judge to outlaw any possible mentioning in public schools that there might be a divine origin to life, rather than the blind-chance presupposition of Darwinists (as happened in the Pennsylvania case referred to above).
So finally he implicitly questions once again the primary presupposition of all who work at reading culture through literature: how valid and reliable are literary presentations of a society we are contemplating?
one 8 hour day) trainings on diversity, and the presupposition that only White males could benefit from this training.
As is usual with people who peddle this opinion,his arguments are based wholly on presupposition and not at all on facts or statistics.
But Cranmer challenged every presupposition of the world in which he grew up," Mr.
Philip Pettit, in his chapter "The Virtual Reality of Homo Economicus," begins analyzing this typical presupposition of economics; then, he shows that it is not applicable to all human actions; he thus proposes a conciliation explaining its how and when.