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Synonyms for presuppose

Synonyms for presuppose

to take for granted without proof

Synonyms for presuppose

take for granted or as a given

require as a necessary antecedent or precondition


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When the engineer uses his skills and talent, it is presupposed that he will use them in fields or specialties in which he has a certain amount of expertise and experience.
But nobody expects the project's price tag to drop, adds Cantor, since original estimates presupposed a 10- to 100-fold improvement in technological methods during the project's lifetime.
The current administration inherited many financial problems, including an unfunded pension liability of more than $250 million, but the city's decisions not to raise appropriate revenue, to insufficiently fund wage and benefit agreements, and to adopt a budget that overestimated tax revenues and presupposed passage of a pension bond bill that did not pass were imprudent.
Such a mission involves operating a first forensic psychiatric center (CPML), which will be established in Ghent and will have a capacity of 272 beds presupposed (including 8 beds in a crisis).
In Part IV (Chapters 9-12) Darwall argues that moral obligation is necessarily presupposed as a "felicity condition" whenever we take up the second-person standpoint.
contends that the presupposed notions of differences between oral and written culture are best perceived as rhetorical strategies in the elaboration of literature.
His practice as an art historian presupposed what he termed the Kunst wollen, or "art will"--a notion that could not easily withstand application of the verifiability criterion.
Yet the freedom that the Pill, or any other form of contraception promised, was a freedom that could never be delivered, because it presupposed that the source of a woman's slavery was her own fertility.
Honesty, as well as care and truthfulness, Rorty reminds us, are social virtues presupposed by the practice of "truth telling" not a deliverance from a theory of truth.
Hence, much can be gained by a Lacanian perspective that shares with Baroque Spain an anticartesian view of the human subject and an understanding of the human condition not centered on the rational, autonomous human subject presupposed by most modern theorists and readers.
Observing that religious history has often presupposed "a seamless Protestant way of life" (p.
Elshtain rejects the illiberal politics of premodern times because it was predicated on a failure to distinguish what is properly public from what should remain private - it presupposed that it is the task of government to shape character and identity.
The cautionary lessons about the culture of bureaucracy and the need for independent program analysis presupposed an administration that shared the Monthly's liberal goals.
At Silas, we aren't only trained to deliver a presupposed technology solution," said Brian DeWyer, director of business process consulting for Silas Technologies.
And because transcendental and formal logics presuppose these references to given structures of subjectivity and objectivity, properly presenting Hegel's logic as altogether outside this framework also helps to undermine the persistent misunderstanding of Hegel as an absolute idealist, since idealist metaphysics remain inextricably tied to a presupposed differentiation of subject and object.