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Synonyms for presuppose

Synonyms for presuppose

to take for granted without proof

Synonyms for presuppose

take for granted or as a given

require as a necessary antecedent or precondition


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So the only question remains whether a positivist can presuppose the appointment of the IGC by the occupiers as the new Iraq's "basic norm.
It ends when we are finally able to define what the actual problem is, and not in terms that beg the question or presuppose a quick solution.
The practical lessons of the DBC story are many and powerful, but the central thrust involves strengths that are, or should be, common in physicians: heightened attention coupled with careful listening that does not presuppose conclusion but guides the direction to a somewhat unpredictable conclusion.
These criticisms presuppose that there is such a thing as a "real Zora Neale Hurston," to use Angelou's words, which one can differentiate from other "Zora Neale Hurstons" (as well as the fact that it is possible to represent this "real Zora Neale Hurston").
This calls for a new land ethic, he said, pointing to Aldo Leopold's reminder that all ethics presuppose a tempering of self-interest with an acceptance of obligations to the community, and a land ethic that "enlarges the boundaries of the community to include soils, waters, plants, and animals.
He rejects most versions because they presuppose something he argues against in the first half of the book, namely that intentional action always takes place under "the guise of the good"--that is, that acting for a reason necessarily involves taking one's reason to provide some degree of justification for one's action.
Of course in taking the 10-11 you are pre-supposing Hudson (brilliant in Dreamgirls, based loosely on the life of the Supremes) will win the Oscar, but presuppose away because she's a cert.
This article is an exercise in social-scientific criticism and therefore defines terms like patron, client, honor, shame, purity, impurity, holy, profane, righteous and sinner, and the inherent unequal relationships they presuppose.
But ID does not necessarily presuppose a supernatural being; rather, ID argues that the evidence points to the existence of an intelligent designer.
While this study does not presuppose any familiarity with Ginsberg's earlier monograph Dante's Aesthetics of Being (The University of Michigan Press, 1999), his examination of Chaucer's translation of Dantean modes of signification emerges organically from ideas in nuce in the earlier book.
They charge that evolutionists presuppose from the start a naturalistic rather than theistic framework.
He then turns to Fichte's notions of "self-positing" and "summons" to show that second-personal address must always presuppose autonomy and obligation.
It is important to note that sting operations conducted with minors often presuppose several scientifically-challenged facts including: the minor's theoretical ability to drive him/herself to the locations where these stings are performed; the minor's hypothetical possession of the required $50 in disposable income, etc.
And because transcendental and formal logics presuppose these references to given structures of subjectivity and objectivity, properly presenting Hegel's logic as altogether outside this framework also helps to undermine the persistent misunderstanding of Hegel as an absolute idealist, since idealist metaphysics remain inextricably tied to a presupposed differentiation of subject and object.