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22) Four years and hundreds of cases later, (23) the impact of this opacity is becoming clear: the lower courts are struggling to determine how to address existing gun laws because Heller did not explain why some laws seeming to restrict the Second Amendment right are presumptively lawful.
In Garnett (issued June 30, 2009), the IRS claimed that, like an interest in a limited partnership, an interest in an LLC or a limited liability partnership (LLP) was presumptively passive under Temp.
Therefore, the losses from these interest were not presumptively passive under IRC Sec.
In the current study, galactomannan results from plasma samples were compared between birds with histologically confirmed aspergillosis and those that were clinically normal presumptively non-Aspergillus infected birds per submitting practitioners' responses to a questionnaire.
However, because bacterial culture is the only certain method of diagnosis and cultures take time to return results, most patients received antibiotic therapy presumptively.
The judgement states "administrative bodies empowered to decide questions of law may presumptively go beyond the bounds of their enabling statute and decide issues of common law or statutory interpretation that arise in the course of a case properly before them, subject to judicial review on the appropriate standard.
Diagnosis should be made etiopathologically, subetiopathologically, or presumptively on the basis of whether entire nymphs, cuticle-associated structures, or pearly lesions ("Linguatula nodules" [10]) with targetoid appearance are found (4).
The company said it lost business and was forced to alter its operation as a result of being "deprived of presumptively protected speech material," the lawsuit said.
The rule changes would also amend Form 8-K to focus current disclosure of executive compensation arrangements on unquestionably or presumptively material events.
The auditor or practitioner is also required to comply with a presumptively mandatory requirement in all cases in which the circumstances exist to which the presumptively mandatory requirement applies; however, in rare circumstances the auditor or practitioner may depart from a presumptively mandatory requirement provided he or she documents the justification for departure and how alternative procedures performed in the circumstances were sufficient to achieve the objectives of the presumptively mandatory requirement.
District Judge Paul Friedman ruled that the law, which forbade anti-prohibitionist ads while permitting pro drug war messages, was a clear example of "viewpoint discrimination" and therefore presumptively invalid under the First Amendment.
The court found that a seven-month average time for trying an SVP case after appointment of defense counsel was not presumptively prejudicial.
A 15-year-old presented to another institution with neck pain and headache and was presumptively diagnosed with viral meningitis.
Whatever merit there may be to the contention that choking is presumptively unreasonable, the point is irrelevant in light of the fact that Holman wasn't choked.
That age of innocence may be ending, however, as more rigorous consideration emerges; this fall marked the full induction of video games into traditional academic discourse with three new weighty books on the subject: an unparalleled textbook on game design called Rules of Play (MIT Press), a collection of dialogues called Re:Play--Game Design and Game Culture (Peter Lang Publishing), and the helpful but perhaps too presumptively titled Video Game Theory Reader (Routledge).