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Synonyms for presumable

based on probability or presumption

Synonyms for presumable

capable of being inferred on slight grounds

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The designers appear to prefer a less assertive and presumable less provocative response by consumers; in fact, the most commonly offered advice to consumers in the national materials was the relatively mild "refuse the offer for the moment.
Beyond this, the systems smaller than full-scale PACS have limitations that vitiate some of the presumable benefits.
Over the longer 123 month period including both recessions and expansions, stock returns for the lowest decile firms, which presumable have the fewest collateralizable assets, are weakly correlated with monetary policy shocks.
For the tropes, their presumable point of departure in the Carolingian north came later.
In China, the presumable consequences of staggering energy demand, in connection with the industrial growth are tremendous (FiW/ISA 1993).
We may also ask whether the large pre-1939 migrations to both Berlin and Vienna produced and reproduced migration systems and whether aggressive campaigns during the Cold War showing economic well-being as the norm in the West may have induced many people to migrate westward when a more accurate portrayal of conditions might have deterred some of them, though presumable not those who were determined to come at all costs.
Palestinian fears of being totally disenfranchised in any deal with Israel are substantiated by the fact that after forty-six years of Israeli independence and presumable equality, no Israeli Arab has been appointed as a minister or supreme-court justice.
This research shows the strong link between the patient's understanding, and presumable participation in the recovery process.
Presumable the cat lover will read the one spread, the dog lover the other.
There is a slight amount of activity taking place in VZ options pits today, including some presumable additions in the January 2004 series.
9, it was told journalists that he will replace Bidzina Ivanishvili in this post after his presumable resignation on Nov.
This new angle of attacK by the pro lobby will, I predict, see the project's name changed, presumable to something liKe High Capacity Growth or HCG2 for short.
Therefore, the failure of SPLM-led government to chart a clear direction of decentralization led almost everything on assumption and the country is run on presumable decisions which formed the basis of governance and not constitutional order.
Presumable price dynamics is represented in chart 1.
Response: The unprecedented geopolitical, legal, psychological, and moral force of unanimous accession by states to the treaty (Nuclear Weapons Convention) before it takes effect; the absence of assured or easy success in cheating due to the worldwide verification regime, plus presumable workings of "societal verification" with a worldwide treaty; the treaty's equal applicability and thus fairness to states (removing any putative, psychological "justification" for treaty violation); the treaty's main benefit to states (removal of current nuclear weapons-related threats, including possible terrorist acquisition from a state's arsenal); and the certitude of worldwide opposition to a pernicious violator of the worldwide treaty.