pressure sensation

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the somatic sensation that results from applying force to an area of skin

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Painless swelling was the first finding in 49 (79%) patients, followed by pressure sensation in 10 (16%) and pain in 3 (5%).
Study design: A cross-sectional study of patients tested for light-touch pressure sensation was carried out at the IHDC.
This reduces oxygen delivery to tissues, resulting in a painful pressure sensation in the chest area.
Some ear problems can cause a pressure sensation and also affect the balance.
A patient with a borderline ovarian tumor may have pain, bloating, or have just a pressure sensation.
On the other hand, when a normal disc is injected with the appropriate amount of contrast the patient should feel only a slight pressure sensation in the area.
Children may also complain of fullness and pressure sensation in the ear.
Next, we need to treat the drip and pressure sensation you'll probably have in the sinuses and ears.
Patients may also complain of atypical sensations, such as tingling, feelings of tightness, heaviness, hot or cold, or pressure sensations.