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any of several points on the body where the pulse can be felt and where pressure on an underlying artery will control bleeding from that artery at a more distal point

where problems or difficulties are likely to occur

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an area on the skin that is highly sensitive to pressure

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Stimulating this pressure point with ice can trigger your body to function at its best.
This helps to identify pressure points on the lower back.
At 75 minutes, this is as good as a fullA[degrees]body treatment as the process includes a 15A[degrees]minute lymph drainage back massage followed by the pressure point technique applied to the arms and legs.
Pressure point holds were abandoned by police in the mid-90s after Herald Sun photographer Peter Ward captured an image of an anti-logging protester on the receiving end in 1994.
Boffins at the University's Centre of Engineering Excellence used the latest technology in pressure measurement flexible pads to analyse seating positions and check the pressure points that are created.
Arbeiter claims gels and foams disperse the pressure point, but create a larger shear area.
FRANKLIN ADHESIVES of Columbus, OH, has upgraded its Web site to include the Pressure Point Adhesives Calculator, a free service that quickly determines the proper pressure and cycle times for clamp carriers, hydraulic laminating presses and radio frequency glue systems.
Pro-Dimple: People make mistakes, but a mark or pressure point that does not cut a ballot is not a mistake.
Another pressure point in the international tax arena is structured financing.
14) As pressure point maneuvers are taught in departments across the country,(15) finger placement is well away from the TMJ.
Some of the secrets revealed in this book include how to apply an excruciating “amplifier” to a simple yet effective pressure point, striking the hand to render it useless, learn the “anatomical snuff box” of Ju-jitsu which drives your opponent to their knees in unbelievable pain, learn how to drain your opponent's fist of power and strength, learn to break away easily from all handshake “vise grips”, learn to put your pressure point techniques on “steroids”, and much more.
The 15-minute therapy, called Emotional Freedom Technique, involves holding your most craved treat in one hand while pressure point treatment is applied at the same time.
PRESSURE POINT Your pal's constantly snooping for homework answers--and you're her number one go-to.
You want the pressure point right between the ends of these two bones at the base of the palm of your hand.