pressure gauge

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gauge for measuring and indicating fluid pressure

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According to Pronge, "Linearity and ruggedness are the two most important features of any pressure gauge.
The Plus Performance option is also available on Ashcroft's Type 1032 sanitary gauge, Type 1009 Duralife pressure gauge, Type 1008S stainless-steel metric case gauge and the Type 2279 Duratrain pressure transmitter gauge.
If a pressure gauge sees a constant pressure continuously, then that pressure gauge will likely last years without degradation of performance.
In the case of a chemical seal system the process pressure is transmitted to the pressure gauge via a filling liquid.
Gauge currently offers the widest range of pressure gauge design options, including size and material choices for monitoring oxygen, nitrous oxide and other high-purity gases.
Install calibrated pressure gauges at the compressor discharge: discharge of air treatment, dryers and filters; distribution piping; and points of use, including the manifold of a dust collector.
Designed specifically for the pharmaceutical, biotechnical and food processing industries, the Ashcroft[R] Type 1036 in-line sanitary pressure gauge and Type 1037 mating sanitary instrument fitting eliminate process deadlegs and pockets that can accumulate contamination and are difficult to clean.
facility, the new Xmitr unit combines Ashcroft's Power-Flex pressure gauge with patented transducer technology to create a dual-function instrument.
When you're through operating, hit the release valve and raise and lower the launcher rail until the pressure gauge reads 0.
They are ideal for applications that currently use both a differential pressure gauge and one or more differential pressure switches.
Standard equipment includes alarm diagnostics, casters, manifolds, stainless ball valves, outlet pressure gauge with pressure bypass valve and solid-state relays.
Tenders are invited for 4 single air pressure gauge, self illuminated with led flush mounted - mr to drg no.