pressure cabin

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cabin consisting of the pressurized section of an aircraft or spacecraft

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In addition they applied pressures of between P and 2P some 30 times to the test section of the front part of the pressure cabin together with a series of 2,000 pressurisations to rather over P.
Owing to their concerns regarding fatigue failure, they went on to apply 16,000 cycles of working pressure, critically to the same front fuselage test item, and were therefore satisfied that the pressure cabin was sound statically and would not fail due to fatigue.
We can see ourselves flying at heights at which virtually no-one could live without a pressure cabin.
Meggitt, which has factories at Coventry and Dudley, landed itself a contract with France's Liebherr to supply low pressure cabin air distribution systems for both the Bombardier BD100 and Agusta AB139 aircraft.