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a journalist employed to provide news stories for newspapers or broadcast media

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Tomb told the pressmen that Journal Publishing needs an answer by Aug.
In recent years, roller manufacturers have addressed this situation via compound modification, mechanical changes in roller design and educational materials to assist pressmen in dealing with these new challenges.
The agreement covers New York Times pressmen employed at the newspaper's two printing facilities in Edison, New Jersey, and Flushing, New York.
The one Strib union that held firm against concessions last summer, the pressmen were finally undone by U.
It's not known if the pressmen agreed to such a codicil.
The contract provides job protection for an additional twenty pressmen who would have been impacted by the manning reductions.
With a new 15-year contract, a 37% raise by 2014, and plans for a spanking-new printing plant, you'd think the New York Post pressmen and the paper's management would be getting along like old pals.
To think we are being held hostage by the pressmen is unconscionable," he said.
MAN Roland had to retrain 150 full-time pressmen and 100 substitutes to operate six new Colorman presses that it installed at the Toronto Star.
In Denver, the transition was even smoother, although the News has union pressmen and the Los Angeles Times does not.
The pressmen "like it because it's cleaner," no ink mist, and there is a lot more space to work on the Colorliners, he added.
One of the biggest changes for letterpress pressmen going to Colorliners, Hirst said, was the need for complete cleaning of press cylinders after a run.
put a mailroom employee, two pressmen and a security guard into hospitals and a third pressman behind bars on March 29.
Once inside, Rovinski approached two pressmen at the folder, apparently motioned one of the pair away, then shot Francis P.
The pressmen and the guard were taken to three separate hospitals.