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a mark consisting of characters written on a book

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The changes implemented have seen Pressmark secure more than PS2m of additional contracts to supply pressed parts and sub-assemblies that will be used in new models for Honda and Nissan.
It also contains separate editions of fragments of four Mahayana sutras in these pressmarks by experts on the respective texts, uniting them with fragments of the same folios from other collections.
The verso of the title page has an introduction from Asher Parenzo, the printer, followed at the bottom of the page by a pressmark with a mount (hill) (fig.
They include a deal to supply local manufacturer Pressmark Pressings and a two-year agreement with fruit wholesaler Fyffes to supply hundreds of staff each week.
This corresponds to page dir in the unique copy, which is housed at the British Library, pressmark 6173.
Press Cuttings, from English Newspapers, on Matters of Artistic Interest (National Art Library, Victoria & Albert Museum; pressmark PP.
privately printed [1895]; Bodleian book stack pressmark 2796 d.
In this volume, the music manuscripts are arranged by pressmark order (or what many of us know as call number or shelf mark).
The location of the copy described is given in each instance, with the pressmark where applicable, and a list of all other known copies is also included.
Though retaining its Harleian pressmark, Hark 5936 was transferred some years ago to the Printed Books Department and must now be seen on microfilm, Mic.
The most decisive evidence comes from the first of the two front binding leaves of MS Junius 86, a paper leaf ~of the date of binding',(17) on which are seen, on the recto, the pressmark of Isaac Voss, the seventeenth-century owner of the manuscripts who later gave them to his uncle Junius, and, on the verso, ~some faint lettering as though it had been used for blotting paper'.
They were placed in the British Museum pressmark range Or.
The first one, at the top left, records the document's pressmark, "Mus.
Venice, 1615) in the Biblioteka Uniwersytecka in Warsaw - bearing the pressmark St.
The Folger has two other examples of Dature's work: pressmarks STC 3039 [ca.