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a mark consisting of characters written on a book

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In this volume, the music manuscripts are arranged by pressmark order (or what many of us know as call number or shelf mark).
The first one, at the top left, records the document's pressmark, "Mus.
In Poelchau's catalog, each of the seventeen editions at pressmark number 38 is assigned an alphabetical letter, commencing with "b" and concluding with "s.
The copyright, holder for the Stein manscripts (with pressmarks beginning with 'Or.
99) The anonymous reviewer in the Times Literary Supplement had harsher words, regarding it as "an enormous and devoted achievement" vitiated by a "profound lack of expertise," with wrong attributions to printers, confusions of printers and publishers, incorrect dates and pressmarks.
Finally, the volume is augmented with a series of "annexes" covering such things as items unidentified by pressmarks in the loans lists and catalogues; lists of manuscripts bearing tables of contents, fore-edge titles, or title pages; and Cotton's bindings and binding instructions.
She returned to work at Intalok in Nuneaton, then Pressmarks in Atherstone, where she stayed until she retired.
Pressmarks are given when known for the locations in holding institutions.
His present chapter is mainly concerned with earlier catalogues, the physical arrangement of the books and the various pressmarks that resulted from that.