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a journalist employed to provide news stories for newspapers or broadcast media

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About Pressman Film Founded in 1969, Pressman Film has produced more than 80 world-class motion pictures and helped launch the careers of many of the most prominent figures in the movie industry.
A customer here looked over at you and said, "Lawrence Pressman, Doogie Howser's boss.
Pressman has also been involved in many civic and educationally oriented activities in his communities.
It should have been five just after the interval with only some excellent saves by Pressman denying O'Donovan.
George McMullan made sure Pressman didn't have to wait long to sample some action when he tested him with a low drive after eight minutes.
Pressman did pay tribute to Shearer in what will be his last-ever FA Cup third-round day as a player.
Caldwell outjumped Pressman to meet the cross and steer the ball home
A minute later Cardiff were close again when Joe Ledley skipped down the left flank, put over a fine cross which Pressman just touched out of reach of the incoming Paul Parry.
I felt sorry for Kevin Pressman because I never intended to make him look silly.
Pressman claimed the ball hit him on the chest and that he would appeal.
The resulting area of contact between the two rollers is the "stripe" that is measured by the pressman in order to determine the comparative amount of pressure being exerted.
Labatt Ontario Breweries president Thane Pressman has been appointed to succeed Fogarty as president of Labatt U.
Ron Pressman to the Board in a non-executive capacity with immediate effect.
Pressman is joined by a research team comprised of: Allison Schettini Evans, Ph.
Portadown keeper and Sheffield Wednesday legend Kevin Pressman and Radio Ulster's Stephen Nolan?