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Fine top base structures allow for maximum pressing uniformity; the underlying base structures are built with water handling as a goal.
The basic terminology, the slides and rotations, the needed techniques, the names of all the pressing positions in the three zone press defenses are all very comparable in the same overall press defensive system.
Pressing trends to eliminate the third nip and single-nip pressing are putting greater demands on the fabrics.
The image is transferred to the paper (normally a continuous web) by pressing the paper against the printing cylinder with a rubber covered roller.
Counting, pressing, jogging and sleeve-wrapping of folded sheets are fully automated and rationalize the workflows downstream of the folder and gang-stitcher.
The hammer curl flows nicely into what would normally be the mid-range position of the shoulder press, making for an easy transition into the pressing phase.
There is a clear requirement and justification to do two things: examine the sheet at the ex-press position and use this information to improve sheet quality and runnability of the machine through its pressing operations.
Membrane pressing opens opportunities for sheet suppliers and thermoformers to transfer their expertise to new markets," says George Southard, a sales representative at Kleerdex, who notes that membrane pressing is analogous in some ways to traditional thermoforming.
Optional equipment includes electrically heated platens to 600 [degrees], 800 [degrees] or 1,200 [degrees] F, with digital temperature controllers, low pressure system, pressing speed control, etc.
With the Hypac Basket Press you get optimum control during pressing and the large surface area achieves maximum extraction while avoiding bitter phenolics.
The basic terminology and the names of the five pressing positions of all three zone press defenses, as well as the techniques, slides, and rotations are all very similar--enabling you to include all three zone presses into the same overall press-defense package.