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a detachment empowered to force civilians to serve in the army or navy

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Press-ganged into the Navy as a lad, Norfolk-born Sam Witchall has to grow up fast when his ship, the HMS Elephant, is engaged in a fierce battle against the Danish fleet in the Battle of Copenhagen.
Two sea shanty bands have been press-ganged into performing during the voyage.
But a group of foreigners forced to commit crimes every day has not been deemed worth a mention - the trafficked women and girls brought to Britain then press-ganged into prostitution.
I was press-ganged into this by some of the younger members of my staff.
Then in the Georgian and Victorian periods our young men were drafted into their army and press-ganged into their ranks to fight in their empire building wars.
Unwilling crews were often press-ganged into joining and many were systematically starved, beaten and terrorised while doing their duties.
More than 50 people are thought to have been killed and hundreds injured after soldiers opened fire on protesters who refused to be press-ganged into military service.
AFGHAN boys as young as 12 are being dragged from their beds in the dead of night by the Taliban and press-ganged into fighting America.
His sons, Scott, 20, Struan, 18, and brother Dave, 49, along with church organ player Marj Seivwright, have all been press-ganged into the band.
Neil Wilson, defending, said: "He was press-ganged into the fighting as a 14-year-old and spent a year before being smuggled to Scotland by an aid worker.
Millions are finding themselves press-ganged into working throughout the holiday under pain of losing income.