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the period that presses run to produce an issue of a newspaper


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Along with cutting the press run, the paper now usually only runs eight pages a day, with four allotted to news, one to opinion, one to sports, one to classifieds and one split between the classifieds spill and sports.
Carroll County News Midweek, which is published on Tuesdays, has a press run of about 5,100.
It was too late for the papers that had left the building, but it was possible to change the front page for the rest of the press run.
Asked about his circulation figures, Anderson said their very popular print version is still being printed in "an economy of scale," which we interpret as an impressive press run.
Add-on costs for a 720-ton press run about $100,000.
The number of colors in your piece and print quantity together help determine the type of press and how costly your press run will be.
The initial press run of 400,000 copies by the USCC and the 15 selected publishers represents a retail value of between $8 million and $12 million, wrote Kirk-Duggan, a press run that represents a "significant windfall for the chosen 15.
By the late '20s the Communist Party's efforts to bring workers into the fold through photography had given rise to a thriving photo-journalist press run by and for workers.
Total (Sum of E, F1 and 2 -- should equal net press run shown in 10A): 5500; 5550.
A press run of 83,000 copies by the Bakersfield Californian on July 13 showed kenaf paper to be high-quality newsprint, says Kugler.
The combined solutions give users the ability to garner up-to-date information on the color production process and real-time color measurement and aggregation of the entire press run, live via the Internet.
The section allows the paper to close its front-page section earlier and in essence do an early press run for everything except "LATExtra" and the sports section.
The Commercial Observer will have a press run of 10,000 copies and will go to commercial real estate players and member of the Real Estate Board of New York for a subscription price of $240.
This product offers converters a more efficient press run and allows for servicing business forms manufacturers who are running products in 11" wide x 8-1/2" tall configuration for improved efficiency.
Rodriguez said a first press run on a John Grisham novel might be about 2.