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a photographer who works for a newspaper

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He came first in the News category at the annual awards of the Press Photographers Association of Ireland in Croke Park on Friday night.
His Namaz-e-Janaza was held at Jamia Masjid Bhai Khan Incline which was attended by large number of journalists, press photographers and local leaders of different political parties.
This article draws on interviews with male and female press photographers collected for the National Library of Australia's oral history programme.
leagues as Ted reflected on a career that began as a 17-year-old newspaper -rapher After starting out at the old Nuneaton Evening Tribune, he has been a professional press photographer for more than half a century.
For nearly 50 years, Geoff Charles, a Press photographer from Brymbo, quietly recorded daily life in Wales.
A NORTH East press photographer has focussed on a different world from his day job to earn a university degree.
Starting out aged 16 as a press photographer earning pounds 25 a week, his early career included a stint as a Butlins holiday camp photographer.
The picture was taken by Associated Press photographer Julie Jacobson.
A typical press photographer on an overseas assignment would be accompanied by a printer or technician who would process the negative film in a darkroom, make a print, then stick it on a small drum scanner connected to a telephone line.
AS A horseracing press photographer, I have had the privilege to be almost literally on top of the subject of this letter over several seasons.
That second planting was immortalized by Associated Press photographer Joe Rosenthal.
An Associated Press photographer was released today after a harrowing experience in the hands of Palestinian gunmen who abducted him in Gaza, the latest in a string of kidnappings of foreigners in the chaotic area.
ON JUNE 5, 1989, A 33-YEAR-OLD ASSOCIATED PRESS photographer named Jeff Widener took this photograph from the sixth floor of the Beijing Hotel, near Tiananmen Square.
The photographer, Patrick Schneider, apparently removed the entire backgrounds from some of his winning pictures, a manipulation in violation of the National Press Photographer Association's code of ethics.
Luckily for his customers, Matthews is in the position to know exactly what he is dealing in as he used to be a press photographer.