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a powerful newspaper proprietor

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She slammed the press lord for his notion of imposing collective guilt on mere co-religionists.
The press lord used it for his own ends in his Politicians and the War but did not acknowledge its existence.
A more ominous sign of the monopolization of the news, coming only a month after the Capital Cities Communications takeover of ABC, was the May 6 announcement by Australian press lord Rupert Murdoch that he and his partner, oilman Marvin Davis, plan to buy the nation's largest group of independent television stations from Metromedia Inc.
And then a few days later Conrad Black, after failing to get his knighthood, decided to chuck in his career as a press lord.
The pivotal role of Richard Ingrams as editor or Lord of the Gnomes -- the magazine's fictitious press Lord is called Lord Gnome -- in this uniquely successful publishing venture is closely analysed by Harry Thompson in what is one of the more readable of the recent crop of Fleet Street memoirs.
17, the same day Goss' federal-court suit went to trial, Canadian press lord Conrad Black agreed to step down as chief executive of Hollinger International, where an investment bank was retained to consider the fate of its assets.
The only power that a press lord ought to answer to is the Lord himself (one can be sure that Conrad's Lord is gendered and bewhiskered).
He showed that one could be a Press Lord and a gentleman.
And to the relief of some inside the company, rumors that conservative press lord Conrad Black was after the group remained just that.
Burkhart, publisher of UPI, confirmed for the first time reports that Canadian press lord Conrad Black and former CNN financial anchor Lou Dobbs were among the six media bidders for the news wire.
While Lincoln serves as the narrative thread of the story, suffering and benefiting all along from the rivalry among the press lords, the genius of this work lies in Holzer's rendering of the press in the mid-19th century" JAMES MCGRATH MORRIS
If we put aside all the prejudices and political sales talk, we shall probably find a host of things that need changing in society - that dysfunctional education system, bankers who do not have to answer for their misdeeds, over-mighty press lords, politicians without intellectual honesty, a political system that is a parody of democracy, over-population, a section of the chattering classes who have been undermining the morals of society for several generations, failure to address the problem of lack of employment for so many young people, an excess of petty legislation and a disastrous system of criminal law and treatment of offenders - for starters.
What is clear beyond doubt is that the relatively stable though far from trouble-free eras of powerful press lords such as Camrose, Rothermere and Kemsley is well and truly over.
Who could imagine the people of a great democracy turning over the right to harass and propagandize themselves on their own public airwaves to a handful of gigantic corporations and the billionaire press lords who control those corporations?
Unlike most Canadian press lords, Black wanted to run an explicitly conservative newspaper.