press cutting

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an excerpt cut from a newspaper or magazine

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IN THE NEWS: John and Sally-Ann Wood with press cuttings about John's previous trip to Connecticut as a schoolboy in 1968
Contrary to the CIPR's assertions, the eClips database will deliver real benefits to users of press cuttings .
Mr Kemble said that among the findings in Richardson's home was also a press cutting about the unsolved murder of hitchhiker Jackie Ansell-Lamb, 18, whose body was discovered in Mere, Cheshire, in 1970.
Twelve days later, officers were sent a Press cutting about the murder and a sheet of paper with a man's name typed on it.
With the photos was a press cutting from July 1927, which shows what plucky little motors the Swift produced.
Tenders are invited for Press Cutting Machine For Switch Board.
We hope people who have a programme, press cutting or leaflet for a show not listed on the archive will send them, or a photocopy, to us.
Newspapers assign their copyright in their typographical arrangements to the NLA which then licenses press cutting agencies to make copies to supply them to their clients.
For the purposes of the press cutting service, SIC is interested only in receiving stories which relate to Scotland~s FOI legislation or Scottish affairs.
Providing Press Cutting articles and information related to NREGA across the Country.
It is intriguing to see the press cutting from 1974.
The contracting authority is not seeking provision of media monitoring of broadcast, social media and online services or a provision of press cutting services.
Other Morrison tomes have tried and failed to give a detailed analysis of the cranky Celt but have come somewhere short, culled from press cutting or fully fledged love letters.
The box also contained a leatherbacked diary with its last entry on July 9,1942, when he wrote about his responsibility to his family and a fragment of a press cutting of paratroopers being inspected by the King and Queen.
THEATRE Remembering Brian Epstein On permanent display is Brian Epstein's wool and cashmere coat, a set of handwritten lyrics by Brian (which were never used by The Beatles), a fragment of original note paper, press cuttings and a draft letter to The Beatles circa March 1967.