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a conference at which press and tv reporters ask questions of a politician or other celebrity

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color) Don Shula announces his retirement at press conference as Miami owner Wayne Huizenga looks on.
Please notify participation to the press conference to hilkka.
00 - Press conference on the occasion of a roundtable on "How to Raise Competitiveness of the Food Production in Bosnia and Herzegovina on the EU Market"
The President's press conference usually lasts 3 hours, during which Atambayev answers the journalists' questions.
She said that the concerned rule obligated all federal government organizations that all official news and information shall be conveyed to the press and general public through PID or External Publicity Wing of Information and Broadcasting Division and such officers as may be authorized by the government shall act as official spokesperson of the government while conducting press conference in PID.
The press conference is taking place ahead of the All-India Congress Committee session on January 17 that may see Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi being named as the party's prime ministerial candidate for the 2014 general elections.
Press Conference Portal is elated to declare a new and exclusive business opportunity for proficient interested in entering a career in public relations or advancing their present career.
If I were Meredith (Vieira), I would be walking on air,'' Matt Lauer said of his new colleague on the ``Today'' show after the NBC News press conference Wednesday at the semiannual TV press tour.
The press conference was long on support from Queen's Park, City of Greater Sudbury and Inco, but no dollor figures were announced.
Among the speakers at the press conference was the Rev.
Attorney Sally Quillian Yates, flanked by special agents from the Internal Revenue Service, the FBI, and the Department of Justice's public integrity unit, announced the seven-count indictment during an Atlanta press conference.
I'm doing whatever I can to help make a press conference look better.
In his March 6 press conference, President Bush made no new arguments for war against Iraq.
President Eisenhower put the same sentiment a bit more starkly when he began a press conference with his observation of the process: "I will mount the usual weekly cross and let you drive the nails.
Foreign correspondents who called up Tepco to ask about the July 18 press conference were surprised to be told by the courteous officials there that they knew nothing about any press conference.