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Chen Hsong of Taiwan announced that it had developed a press series with a direct-drive electric injection system and hybrid clamp.
Travis challenged Robertson to a "champion's pentathlon" to consist of five events: a protein shake-chugging contest, a leg press contest, a bench press contest, a spelling Bee and a "painting famous scenes from the Bible on canvas" competition.
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5 and 6 delineate another defensive alignment that is an even more aggressive and denial initial phase of the "50 Press.
Since the first installation of a single-nip shoe press (in 2000, on PM5 at the mill in Johnsonburg, Pennsylvania, USA owned at the time by Willamette Industries) the industry has been keeping its collective eye on the promising new technology.
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They also shed a not-altogether-flattering light on the one institution whose reputation was enhanced by Watergate: the Washington press corps.
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The Feintool Systems Parts facility in Nashville, TN, for example, has a unique 500-ton hydraulic press that is fitted with multiple tooling modules fed by a CNC part transfer system with the result that all operations, including in-tool deburring, are conducted in a single pass.