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How much these roles pay varies between local authorities, ranging around PS120 a day for a poll clerk and PS200 for a presiding officer.
To be one of the first MSPs, to be elected for my home constituency of Central Fife and then to serve as the Presiding Officer.
New Presiding Officer of the National Assembly, Elin Jones AM, promised to safeguard the rights of each individual member
A spokesman for the Welsh Lib Dems said: "The presiding officer has now set out a process that will allow the Assembly to make a decision about both Aled and John.
The situation became tense when presiding officers of 10 polling stations went missing for more than two hours.
Alasdair Morgan, of the SNP, and Labour's Trish Godman were elected as deputy presiding officers, beating Liberal Democrats Jamie Stone and Margaret Smith.
Then word spread of a showdown between the presiding officers and the Executive.
The presiding officer asks, "Is there any discussion?
District and Sessions Judge, Muneer Ahmed Shaikh (waiting for posting) is directed to join his new assignment as a Presiding Officer, Special Court, Sindh Public Property (Removal of Encroachment) Hyderabad.
While focusing on the mediatory and neutral nature of a Speaker's role, Speaker Ayaz Sadiq termed 'mediation' as a natural skill of any Presiding Officer.
KEN Macintosh is to join the race for the role as Presiding Officer.
Earlier, Professor Aman Khalilullah, who teaches in Government College Nazimabad and is visually challenged, told Geo News that he has been appointed as the presiding officer in UC 43, Liaquatabad for the upcoming Local Government elections.
On VE Day itself, the Assembly's Deputy Presiding Officer, David Melding AM, will lay a wreath at a National Service of Commemoration which will take place at Cardiff Castle at 3pm.
COMPLAINT that a Tory AM Nick Ramsay appeared 'drunk' during a session of the National Assembly has been referred to the Presiding Officer.
NATIONAL Assembly Presiding Officer Rosemary Butler is, with respect, looking through the wrong end of the telescope when she asks for consideration of more AMs.