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Synonyms for president

head of state



Words related to president

an executive officer of a firm or corporation

the person who holds the office of head of state of the United States government

the chief executive of a republic

the officer who presides at the meetings of an organization

the head administrative officer of a college or university


the office of the United States head of state

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Special rules for Presidentially declared disasters permit victims the option of deducting the loss in the current tax year or in the year immediately preceding the current tax year.
If the heads of the Reserve Banks were instead presidentially appointed, we presume that they could be constitutionally removed only by the President.
The grants division of the Arkansas Economic Development Commission has scheduled five meetings throughout Arkansas to inform community and economic development leaders on procedures for applying for grants in the wake of five presidentially declared disasters.
However, this applies only to casualty losses occurring in Presidentially declared disaster areas; see Sec.
IRC section 165(h) allows a taxpayer to treat the casualty losses as having occurred in the taxable year immediately preceding the year of the actual casualty in the case of presidentially declared disaster areas.
Safavian resigned from his presidentially appointed position just before he was arrested Sept.
Under such an approach, there would be a presidentially appointed and Senate-confirmed agency head who would report to a board of directors composed of secretaries from key Cabinet agencies, such as the Treasury Department and HUD.
Although differing in some respects from the recommendations of the presidentially appointed 9/11 Commission, the final conference report is based largely on the commission's report.
Thanks to the AICPA Tax Division Disaster Regulation Task Force that worked with the Internal Revenue Service, the IRS expanded the list of tax-related deadlines that may be postponed to include deadlines for contributions to IRAs and pension plans and for rollover contributions for individuals affected by a Presidentially declared disaster or serving in a combat zone.
165(i) losses from a presidentially declared disaster may be claimed in the year immediately preceding the year the loss occurs.
This is National Park Week, a presidentially proclaimed week to honor the the rich atmosphere and historic spirit of the parks.
Even more recently, however, a presidentially appointed group weighed in with a diff erent conclusion.
Now infected with Weinberger-it is (the tendency of former criminals to be, come loudly self-righteous after having been presidentially pardoned), Ledeen--himself knee-deep in Iran-contra doo-doo--calls the office of the special prosecutor "a monstrous thing" which should have a stake driven through its heart and be buried in a lead casket.
Any other person determined by the IRS to be affected by a Presidentially declared disaster; see id.
Under IRC section 139(c), a "qualifying disaster" (1) is presidentially declared; (2) results from terrorism, military action or an accident with a common carrier or from any other event the IRS determines to be catastrophic; or (3) is determined by an applicable federal, state or local government.
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