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set in advance

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The firm said, while the default presets are hoped to be perfect for standard screen orientations (i.
Lobby and concourses have scheduled lighting presets to vary light levels during the course of the day and night and for event use.
com is offering five pre-tested presets to output Roku-compatible video: an HTTP live streaming (adaptive bitrate) and four MP4 outputs in HD and SD formats at 800, 1200, 1800 or 2700 kb/s.
Convert Videos for Apple Devices: Straightforward presets allow you to easily convert videos to a format optimized for your iPad, iPod touch, iPhone 4, and more.
It has five presets for DAB and FM and a kitchen timer with alarm.
Receives a range of DAB stations with eight presets, as well as analogue stations.
The Preset Exchange - which is a unique to Sorenson Media - offers a full library of video encoding presets or "recipes" (including those for the new Amazon Kindle Fire) that can be downloaded directly to the company's full suite of encoding and transcoding solutions.
Most users will prefer Sorenson Squeeze's simplicity for casual use, but Squeeze can't match ProCoder's ability to create droplets and profiles with multiple presets, not to mention its jaw-dropping performance on multi-core systems.
Users can set up to 64 preset positions, with automatic calling of presets upon alarm activation.
com) already had become the definitive source for a large and constantly growing library of presets for users of the award-winning Sorenson Squeeze online video encoding software.
5-degree accuracy on presets, and it can move to any preset position in less than a second.
The company's optimization for the iPad also includes presets in Sorenson Squeeze and Sorenson Squish that enable seamless playback in the formats used by Apple, including precise video and audio specifications that maximize the quality of the video played on these devices.
5 round out free resources for photographers, including free presets for Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw, onOne Exchange and the new onOne University.
To kick off the new capability, SelectRadio includes a set of podcast presets from a variety of sources such as the Associated Press, Bon Appetit, Motor Trend, National Geographic, New York Times, BBC World Service and the British Broadcasting Corporation (podcasts offered through the end of February as part of the BBC's podcast trial initiative).