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an accusation of crime made by a grand jury on its own initiative

a document that must be accepted and paid by another person

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IBM Content Manager OnDemand software provides high performance capture, presentment, and archive facilities and the infrastructure for electronic bill and invoice presentment and payment (EBPP/EIPP) and electronic statement presentment (ESP) applications.
Follow-up discussions between the Federal Reserve and the banking industry on the business case for electronic check presentment
Ed Bacon of All Saints had accompanied Thomas to the New Jersey presentment and suggested that he write a play about the issue.
StreamServe Persuasion(TM) enables users to profit from what they know about their customers by automating the creation and presentment of enterprise documents and delivering in any format via any preferred channel
Internet-based electronic bill presentment and payment is the process that enables bills to be created, delivered, and paid over the Internet.
We are the first company to personalize document presentment on a massive scale and will continue to develop new technologies that help StreamServe users turn their customer communications into a value-added process.
Veteran contributes substantial regional knowledge and experience to extend reach of Enterprise Document Presentment solutions in North America
the global leader in Enterprise Document Presentment (EDP) software, today launched StreamServe Persuasion[TM], an EDP solution that enables organizations to enhance the value of their customer relationships by presenting a persuasive, consistent and personalized experience across all communication channels.
StreamServe Enterprise Document Presentment Software Enables NCC to Transform Business Process by Enabling Electronic Distribution of Invoices
Today many organizations seem paralyzed by the need to respond to an overwhelming set of regulations and laws, requiring the creation, assembly and presentment of the information required to respond to audits, create filings etc.
the global leader in Enterprise Document Presentment, today announced it has expanded the capabilities of StreamServe Financial(TM) to include an account statement solution.
a global leader in Enterprise Document Presentment, today announced that Dutch health insurer OZ has used their software to become a national cost-efficiency leader, expand e-business initiatives and improve customer service.
StreamServe Enterprise Document Presentment(TM) (EDP) software enables the world's leading companies to communicate effectively with their customers, partners and suppliers through the automated creation and presentment of documents in any format and channel.
the global leader in Enterprise Document Presentment, today announced the introduction of StreamServe MS Excel for Movex, which will help organizations enhance financial reporting capabilities, improve financial document distribution potential and reduce costs.