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Synonyms for presenter



Synonyms for presenter

someone who presents a message of some sort (as a petition or an address or a check or a memorial etc

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an advocate who presents a person (as for an award or a degree or an introduction etc

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Younique Presenters grew to 100,000 strong on the same day as the company's two year anniversary.
He then became a presenter for Al- Libiyah TV, before moving to Egypt TV as bureau chief in Amman for five years.
Summary: The exclusion of Moroccan veiled presenters from state TV has been stirring much controversy with many blaming them for not taking the necessary action against such discriminatory practices and others viewing the matter as blown out of proportion while official statements promise reform.
Between the Interactive Graphs Pack and the Business Presentation Pack, Raptivity Presenter provides great value to corporate users who want to create presentations that communicate complex business information to various stakeholders in the right way," Joshi said.
Copies of the evaluations were shared with all presenters.
A booking conference is a marketplace for the performing arts where artists, managers, and agents "sell" their product to presenters, the people who book performers for theaters or other venues.
VIEWERS are to get a glimpse of what really happened behind the scenes of the series which talent-spotted television presenters of the future, in Presenters Revisited.
Rachel Mainwaring quizzes the final 10 Presenters contestants
Last year, Meuschke piloted the program at the school, and now has eighth-grade peer presenters that work with students in the seventh-grade classrooms.
Today, Logitech (SIX:LOGN) (NASDAQ:LOGI) introduced two options to help you make a big impact during your next presentation -- the Logitech[R] Professional Presenter R800 and the Logitech[R] Wireless Presenter R400.
Bay Area MTA and Midland MTA, MI; Marvin Blickenstaff, presenter
In fact, it may be at the crux of the executive's perception and evaluation of the proposal--and its presenter.
Agility Presenter automatically assembles a rich, Web-based media presentation that can be viewed using Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser.
As the dance program consultant for the presenter, she has been hard-hit by a recent Immigration and Naturalization Service change.