present perfect tense

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a perfective tense used to express action completed in the present

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So there is considerable evidence that the used to construction is akin to the present perfect tense.
Nonetheless, those conflicts or internal inconsistencies cannot become part of the record registered in the present perfect tense.
By the same token, present perfect tense is also about concrete particulars, but requires them to be consistent among themselves in what they imply.
This observation suggests that any physical system participating in both the microdynamic context and the macrodynamic data holds itself at the interface between the present progressive and present perfect tense.
The interface between the present progressive and the present perfect tense provides us with both the capabilities of ascertaining the regularity of empirical observations, when viewed from the side of the perfect tense, and holding the generative capacity of movement, when viewed from the side of the progressive tense.
One student used present perfect tense where the past perfect was required.
Evidence from Konda, Parji, and Pengo supports Steever's reconstruction of the present perfect tense form to the period before the split between the central and the south-central subfamilies.
He closely focused the present simple and the present perfect tenses.
Cognitive problems of 11th grade students in learning English subject-verb agreement in the present simple and the present perfect tenses (unpublished MPhil thesis).
Most verbs are regular, forming their past and present perfect tenses by adding -d, - ed, or t, as in I walk.