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Synonyms for prescriptive

Synonyms for prescriptive

pertaining to giving directives or rules


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Marcoleta filed House Bill 6761 seeking to provide for a prescriptive period from which COA may conduct audits and issue a decision on cases.
Gilbert III, Executive Chairman of Prescriptive Data and COO of Rudin Management Company (RMC).
Advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) with prescriptive authority are authorized to issue prescription drug orders.
As companies look to tackle the complicated analytics environment in which they find themselves today, one popular framework for this process involves three distinct analytics stages: descriptive analytics, predictive analytics, and prescriptive analytics.
CHICAGO -- IRI is launching the IRI Revenue Growth Management Suite, a group of prescriptive solutions designed for midmarket clients.
The Department of Justice (DOJ) has expressed support to the proposal to increase the prescriptive period in prosecuting public officials for graft.
Prescriptive Data has unveiled Nantum, a cloud-based smart building platform and control panel built on MongoDB, the database for ideas, the company said.
Colombo, June 24 -- The Prescription (Special Provision) Bill which was shelved for a long period have now been revived by the Government to provide relief to the people, who were forced to abandon their properties due to the situation that prevailed in the country from May 1983 to May 2009 and to enable them to claim their titles for their properties due to prescriptive actions of the illegal and encroached occupants.
Thus, while the existence of a prescriptive easement (or an easement by way of necessity, which will be addressed in a subsequent article) is unlikely to be disclosed by a standard title search (unless such an easement is subsequently confirmed by a recorded judgement or an express easement), a careful property inspection and a thorough survey may make the existence or potential claim of the existence of such an easement evident.
In 2016, we will see changes in the big data industry as more companies use predictive and prescriptive analytics to stand out from their competitors.
New Colorado law removes barriers for nurses seeking prescriptive authority
Upgrading to prescriptive analytics will allow companies to stay ahead in the market.
com)-- Sparkling Logic, a leading enterprise cloud/SaaS Prescriptive Analytics and Decision Management software provider has been selected from among 850 start-up applicants to participate in the Plug And Play's three month FinTech Accelerator.
To stay relevant, the three elements that must be present in any CPG strategy are rich integrated data sets, prescriptive analytics, and robust technology that delivers insights via interactive visualization.
Each lesson is aligned and prescriptive according to the CC standards.