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For such is the wonderful skill, prescience of experience, and invincible confidence acquired by some great natural geniuses among the Nantucket commanders; that from the simple observation of a whale when last descried, they will, under certain given circumstances, pretty accurately foretell both the direction in which he will continue to swim for a time, while out of sight, as well as his probable rate of progression during that period.
By early Wednesday, the president was weighing in, and painting the loss as a sign of prescience.
The play deals with Manto's struggle with his detractors and an increasingly conservative and intolerant Pakistan which he foresees in his writing and amazing prescience.
It wasn't then-trendy communist politics, a desire for glory, or prescience about Adolf Hitler's "final solution" that triggered Johann Georg Elser's 1939 assassination attempt on the Fuhrer and other top Nazi officials.
This, sadly, was a statement of staggering prescience.
Crown Prince of Dubai His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, in prescience of Deputy Ruler of Dubai His Highness Sheikh Maktoum bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, met Secretary-General of the Arab League Ahmad Aboul Gheit today.
of the popular talent search were our 'pegs' for that burst of prescience.
The theme of the conference is Prescience of New Perceptions in the Field of Toxicology and Pharmacology.
An apt visual to accompany that definition would be a video from the March for Life, for, if ever there were an entity that embodied prescience, it is our Movement.
Transversal's Prescience KM product does exactly this.
Prescience ACN: What is Prescience and can you highlight your presence in the Middle East region?
Moholy-Nagy died before "Room of the Present" could be realized, but Vail said that more than any other piece, it shows his prescience in anticipating a world dominated by social media.
He was, predictably, quickly shunted up in trip and it gained instant rewards with a length-and-a-half verdict over the dangerous Prescience at Lingfield last month.
Conclusion This is no penalty kick with Libbard and Prescience in opposition and I'm a layer.
Vice Prescience and Prime Minster Khaled Bahah, made a short trip to Aden, he arrived in Aden Airport on Saturday morning and left back to Riyadh at night.