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a child who attends a preschool or kindergarten

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The study's purpose was to characterize the different types of MVPA that preschoolers engage in as well as to develop reliable methods of capturing the amount of daily activity that preschoolers attain.
The stimulant known as Ritalin displays pluses and minuses in preschoolers receiving the drug for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), according to the first large, long-term study of the drug's effects in such youngsters.
A teacher, an instructional aide or a speech and language therapist was assigned to a preschooler with moderate to severe delay.
Along with their physical and emotional development, however, preschoolers exhibit greater autonomy and experience more prolonged lapses in adult supervision.
They also warn of court cases in which day care centers run by fundamentalist churches have insisted that hitting preschoolers is their religious obligation.
This is the toy of the season that's going to charm everyone from the curious preschooler, to the savvy parent, to the nostalgic grandparent.
Moreover, an average preschooler plays on the computer for about 28 minutes a day (Gentile, 2004).
BELIEVE IT OR NOT In 2002, about 1 week before Halloween, 44 Texas preschoolers encountered the Halloween Candy Witch.
Mike Mosiman, an aerospace engineer, put his research and writing skills to good use in crafting The Smarter Preschooler for the benefit of other parents.
This book is especially beneficial for parents who have a strong desire to read aloud to their preschooler, but who lack training in early childhood education.
The kit is designed for kids 4 and up, so we tried it out with help from our bug-loving preschooler.
The Kid-Tough[TM] Digital Camera is the first preschool appropriate digital camera that's tough enough and easy enough for a preschooler to use.
Ni Hao, Kai-lan stars Kai-lan Chow, a playful, adventurous bi-lingual preschooler with a big heart, who speaks both English and Mandarin.
Sandy Wax, president of Sprout added, "The Sunny Side Up Show rounds out our network's distinctive programming line-up that follows the day of the preschooler from breakfast to bedtime.
com/, to feature preschooler generated content, parent blogs, new games, character pages and more.