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Synonyms for preschooler

a child who attends a preschool or kindergarten

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Although black children make up only 19 percent of preschool enrollment, they make up 47 percent of preschoolers suspended.
The investigators found that four common patterns of MVPA emerged for the preschoolers, most lasting less than 5 minutes per burst of activity.
However, preschoolers more often developed stimulant-related side effects, including irritability, insomnia, and weight loss, than older children with ADHD have in prior studies.
Play, social interaction, and motor development: Practical activities for preschoolers with visual impairments.
The primary goal of this study was to develop a context-specific measure for practitioners working with preschoolers who have difficulties in social situations.
For preschoolers, emotion-based crimes are predominately familial with biological parents (primarily fathers) and parental boyfriends/girlfriends commonly responsible for these offenses.
Joins Lovable Line of Pocoyo Plush, Vehicles and Bath Toys for Preschoolers
Moreover, an average preschooler plays on the computer for about 28 minutes a day (Gentile, 2004).
BELIEVE IT OR NOT In 2002, about 1 week before Halloween, 44 Texas preschoolers encountered the Halloween Candy Witch.
WHAT YOUR PRESCHOOLER NEEDS TO KNOW: Read-Alouds To Get Ready for Kindergarten.
If your preschooler doesn't get enough sleep, then he has twice the chances of being injured as preschoolers who get enough sleep.
The kit is designed for kids 4 and up, so we tried it out with help from our bug-loving preschooler.
The Kid-Tough[TM] Digital Camera is the first preschool appropriate digital camera that's tough enough and easy enough for a preschooler to use.
However, it is a relatively rare item that will turn on a preschooler repeatedly and keep her entertained for long periods of time.
You know you're a parent of a preschooler if the mere mention of the edible root sets you off into song.