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an educational institution for children too young for elementary school

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The Preschool Matters Grant Program is just one way Canberra is leading the nation in strengthening parental engagement in children s learning.
Nickelodeon Rolls Out Dual-Language Preschool Learning Toys
The statement said: "Some cannot access preschool services, and some, while attending a pre-school, are not achieving their potential due to lack of appropriate supports.
A petition to keep the preschool open has already garnered more than 413 signatures.
Prior studies of the long-run impacts of targeted preschool programs--for example, the Perry Preschool Project and the federally funded Head Start program--find that preschool produces not only private returns in the form of increased lifetime earnings but also public returns in the form of reductions in crime and in use of public assistance.
We teach parents how to bring an outstanding preschool education into their own home," says Teacher Lee.
The recruitment will supplement the private contract the school district has with the private preschool and day care program, Child Works.
Maternal interaction, private speech, and task performance in preschool children.
Teachers and parents swear by the child-parent center program, and researchers have documented that the centers' preschool students fare better as young adults than children who do not attend.
At a time when our public schools are in disarray and we face chronic budget deficits, we shouldn't be creating a new, multibillion-dollar preschool bureaucracy.
His latest tax referendum, dubbed Preschool for All, would cost California $2.
Abstract: Studies suggest that three and four-year old children who are exposed to preschool have a greater chance of academic success throughout their schooling.
The Preschool Prep Company has produced three truly outstanding and highly recommended introductory DVDs for preschool children ages 9 months through 5 years.