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building reserved for the officiating clergy

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He attributes this to his neutral role in presbytery, the uncompromising confidentiality he promises and the palpable hunger for collegial connection.
9, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Highland Park Presbyterian Church (HPPC) and Grace Presbytery agreed on Monday, September 8, to end litigation over a fundamental question of the right of control over local church property.
The Old Presbytery is set in two acres of land and has a range of period features.
com)-- Twelve Presbyterian churches from across Central New Jersey will welcome visiting pastors into their pulpits October 13 as part of the first-ever Presbytery Communion Sunday Clergy Exchange.
If you have any memorabilia, photographs etc please bring them to the presbytery at St Bernard's on Monday January 9 from 10.
He was the oldest member of Inverness Presbytery and Inverness Old High Church.
It allows each presbytery - or regional governing body - to decide what sexual standards to place on ordination.
IN the September meeting of the Anglesey Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church of Wales it was resolved to appeal to the Ministry of Justice for the retention of the county and magistrate courts at Llangefni.
A TRAINEE landscape gardener whose own father told the local priest to call the gardai after his son burgled the presbytery was given a two-year suspended sentence yesterday.
announced that the Presbytery of New York City has completed the sale of three properties in Stapleton, Staten Island for a total sale price of $1,262,000.
An habitual offender was caught trying to steal a statue of the Virgin Mary from a church presbytery, a court heard.
He was defrocked by the presbytery in Cincinnati and relieved of his duties, his job, and his congregation in a humiliating display of self-righteousness by the presbytery and betrayal by some individuals in his congregation.
And an estimated 36 Presbyterian churches in the South Louisiana Presbytery, most of them in metropolitan New Orleans or on the nearby North Shore, are believed to have been heavily damaged--many destroyed.
The local Presbytery has now been told to re-establish the chapel and members are looking forward to starting services once again.
Again, whereas black congregations are very community-oriented, identify with members of other congregations in their presbytery, and readily come together for special services, funerals, meetings of church organizations and so on, the predominantly white congregations tend to be much more parochial.