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building reserved for the officiating clergy

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Moderator Mrs Lilly Stevenson welcomed everyone to the latest Presbytery of Dumfries and Kirkcudbright meeting.
Contract award notice: project management mission for the acquisition improved the old presbytery to presbytery street phaffans 90150 - 2052 program.
He attributes this to his neutral role in presbytery, the uncompromising confidentiality he promises and the palpable hunger for collegial connection.
Still, in the 100 churches of the Presbytery of New Covenant that fill and surround the country's fourth-largest city, the can-do mentality prevails, even when facing conflict.
com)-- Twelve Presbyterian churches from across Central New Jersey will welcome visiting pastors into their pulpits October 13 as part of the first-ever Presbytery Communion Sunday Clergy Exchange.
He was the oldest member of Inverness Presbytery and Inverness Old High Church.
It allows each presbytery - or regional governing body - to decide what sexual standards to place on ordination.
Our Lady of Mount Carmel RC Church, and its neighbouring presbytery, in High Park Street, Toxteth, were granted grade II listing after a written request made by a resident.
announced that the Presbytery of New York City has completed the sale of three properties in Stapleton, Staten Island for a total sale price of $1,262,000.
An habitual offender was caught trying to steal a statue of the Virgin Mary from a church presbytery, a court heard.
He was defrocked by the presbytery in Cincinnati and relieved of his duties, his job, and his congregation in a humiliating display of self-righteousness by the presbytery and betrayal by some individuals in his congregation.
A MAN threatened to "run down" two priests who confronted him about suspicious behaviour around their presbytery, a court heard yesterday.
Various Jewish Federation and Anti-Defamation League officials contacted the Chicago Presbytery leadership, which refused to condemn the statements or meeting, saying instead that the trip was unofficial and not the responsibility of the group.
AN ESCAPED prisoner who broke into a church presbytery and claimed he was seeking sanctuary from drug dealers was yesterday returned to jail.
The local Presbytery has now been told to re-establish the chapel and members are looking forward to starting services once again.