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a person with presbyopia

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Specialized visual therapy helps, while others benefit with a task-specific prescription as with the presbyopes.
Its best results were found with patients who were low hyperopic and emmetropic presbyopes with little or no astigmatism, a circumstance which basically describes a large number of "baby boomers" who wished to return to the clearer near vision of their youth.
For today's presbyopes, progressive lenses are the most technologically advanced solution available, allowing them to see clearly at all distances and wear stylish frames that won't get in the way of active, image-conscious boomers' lifestyles, or their look.
Participants in the older group could be presumed by population data to be at least early presbyopes (Moses, 1987).
Eye care experts are relying upon newer devices and technologies to provide crisp, clear vision to presbyopes, including earlier diagnosis of ocular surface disorders, improved cataract surgery techniques, and customized implants.
Presbyopes usually complain of headaches, eye strain, and hold objects progressively further away from their eyes in order to see clearly.
There is a huge interest in the field because presbyopia prevalence is extremely high with the number of presbyopes that in 2005 exceed one billion.
Monocular addition contact lenses have been used successfully for presbyopes.
As a result, presbyopes become dependent upon reading glasses for most everyday near tasks.
Estimated at 200-220 million lenses a year, the Chinese market is comprised mainly of myopes and presbyopes.
Presbyopes who embrace Superfocus will not only uniquely regain the visual versatility of youth, but also will be wearing an internationally acclaimed design.
Piano presbyopes who are keen on multifocal IOLs to eliminate the need for reading glasses should be cautioned of the increased risks as these patients are starting out with good unaided distance vision, which may be compromised if there is anything less than an optimal outcome.