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beaucoup moins que]C'est par ce sacrifice, selon la tradition, qu'on repousse le mauvais presage et qu'on souhaite une bonne annee hegirienne a ses proches[beaucoup plus grand que], nous expliquera Warda, une mere de famille tres attachee aux traditions de la ville.
The Presage ST2 Assay is a non-invasive blood test that allows for the early identification of these high-risk patients.
Summary: The combination of widespread destruction across Libya and the largest proven oil reserves in Africa would ordinarily presage a building boom.
Hopefully, this will presage a new era of investment in infrastructure.
Wetlands of Mass Destruction: Ancient Presage for Contemporary Ecocide in Southern Iraq" is an examination of the fact that environmental destruction, especially in Iraq, is nothing new.
put the remodeled Presage minivan on the Japanese market Monday, hoping to stimulate sluggish domestic sales.
And since the ads that have the most appeal to young people seem to be those that have the least to do with the product--the dimwitted prankster in somebody's beer pitch, for example--this development could presage a Dark Age of ads where no one can figure out what is actually being marketed.
Even if this was the first time this sort of thing actually happened, it don't require too much noggin' work to presage (with an emphasis on "pre") that it might have happened.
The business and entrepreneurial aspects are fascinatingly explored, including the interplay between the virtuosos and piano manufacturers, Erard in Europe and Scherr, Steinway and Chickering in America, where endorsements and exclusive contracts for providing performance instruments presage procedures of our time.
They do not presage a return to the social agenda nor do they carry the same hope and optimism of the elegance and simplicity of the early Hertfordshire schools.
The estrogen pathway has been highly conserved during vertebrate evolution--it is shared by many different organisms so changes due to exposure in fish may presage effects in other animals, including humans.
Canada's Molson purchased Bavaria for $98 million in a deal so friendly that some industry observers reckon it could presage AmBev's seduction of Canadian beer lovers.
It is widely believed that these 'temporary measures' will presage a devaluation of the Zimbabwe dollar currently trading at Z$55 to the US$ at the official exchange rate.