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recorded at one time for transmission later

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The amendment will not affect consumers' ability to continue to receive calls that deliver purely "informational" prerecorded messages--notifying recipients, for example, that their checking account balance has dropped to a threshold amount.
She, like Greenwood, interacted "live" with her own prerecorded, mythically endowed image, named, appropriately enough, "Organic Honey.
While several major film studios are no longer releasing some of their newer film titles on VHS tapes for retail sale, the software dealer group predicts that the prerecorded VHS will not disappear but will instead evolve into a niche product.
Known as click tracks, prerecorded sounds can be used to amplify anything from a simple hand clap to a singer's voice on a bad night.
Voice-mail broadcasting uses a technology known as voice recognition to leave the digitally prerecorded messages.
Also yet to be worked out are fees for companies that invented the discs and a method of coding the CDs so manufacturers can control which titles can be played on machines sold in specific regions of the world - a practice already common with prerecorded videotapes.
Examples of products mass reproduced by these establishments are audio compact discs, prerecorded audio and video cassettes, and laser discs.
The Company currently has 173 stores and is the nation's sixth largest specialty retailer of prerecorded music.
Prerecorded records & tapes and 13% of SIC 7819 Services allied to motion picture production
The Company currently has 174 stores and is the nation's fifth largest specialty retailer of prerecorded music.
com/reports/c53533) has announced the addition of Prerecorded Compact Disc (except Software), Tape, and Record Reproducing Industry in the U.
Handleman will distribute prerecorded music and video products to all stores.
This second phase includes development with Gold Calling(R) of specific interfaces that will interact with the unique Gold Calling(R) database and contact management software on the user's computer that will allow for prerecorded interactive messages to be uploaded from the user's computer to the InterLink Global Corp.
is a specialty retailer of prerecorded music entertainment products including compact discs, audio and video cassettes and related accessories.
In another experiment, 90 percent of critical care nurses, who were asked to identify prerecorded normal and abnormal lung sounds, indicated that it was easier to detect abnormal sounds with the Littmann Model 3000 than with an acoustic cardiology-type stethoscope of traditional design(2).