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Synonyms for prepuce

a fold of skin covering the tip of the clitoris

a fold of skin covering the tip of the penis

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Warren watched in horror as his prepuce was carried away in a bag containing all three hundred freshly severed foreskins--trophies for the Moslem Moguls.
The borderline between incomplete prepuce and hypospadias may be the most problematic We found little evidence of incorrect notification in the EUROCAT survey.
Through the removal of his prepuce, man loses the harmony inherent in his androgynous person, and shorn of the ballast of his femininity (represented by the cut off organ) runs after a woman, gets married, and creates the community.
It is a measure o the signal importance he attached to this work that, as AMA delegate to the great 1876 International Medical Congress in Philadelphia he supplemented his brilliant demonstration of hip-joint excision (of which Joseph Lister exclaimed that "this demonstration would of itself have been a sufficient reward for my voyage across the Atlantic") by delivering a long paper "On the Deleterious Results of a Narrow Prepuce and Preputial Adhesion.
Excision: this consists of removal of prepuce and glans of clitoris, together with the adjacent part of the labia minora or the whole of it without including the labia majora and without closure of the vulva.
This is followed by elongation of the phallus, formation of the penile urethra from the urethral groove beginning from the anus at about 11 weeks, and development of the prepuce (9,10).
Type I: Excision of the prepuce with or without excision of part or the entire clitoris.
Does the healthy prepuce have a protective effect of any kind?
The primary tumor was located on the glans in 25 patients, the prepuce in 12, both the glans and prepuce in 5, and the penile shaft in 3 (Table 1).
To be included in the study, patients had to be male, [greater than or equal to]7 years old (children with intact prepuce requiring circumcision for religious or cultural reasons), and have medical indications for circumcision, such as phimosis, paraphimosis and balanoprothitis.
It explains what is done when a boy gets circumcised and the anatomy and physiology of the prepuce.
Physical examination revealed bilateral normally positioned testes, normal glans and frenum of prepuce (Fig.
a) Either cutting the head of the clitoris with the prepuce or leaving it as it is and then splitting the clitoris longitudinally.
6] Among these tumours, Kaposi sarcoma is commonly detected at the glans and prepuce, leiomyosarcoma at the shaft and base of the penis, and rhab-domyoscarcoma at the penopubic junction.