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(especially of human beings) at the age immediately before puberty

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Effect of the apoptosis rate observed in oocytes and cumulus cells on embryo development in prepubertal goats.
In our longitudinal study, we found associations of higher prepubertal serum HCB, [beta]HCH, and p,p'-DDE concentrations with later sexual maturity defined as Tanner stage 5 for pubic hair growth, as well as an association of higher HCB with later attainment of TV [greater than or equal to] 20 mL.
17) Androgen deficiency can be a cause of psychosexual underdevelopment in these patients (18) and early prepubertal management with androgen can significantly improve their neurodevelopmental outcome.
Klinefelter sendromlu eriskin hastalarda azospermi cok yuksek oranda saptanir Onikoid vucut yapisi prepubertal hipogonadizm durumlannda gorulenden biraz daha farklidir.
Influence of weight-bearing exercises on bone acquisition in prepubertal monozygotic female twins: a randomized controlled prospective study.
Retrograde proximal rigid ureteroscopy and pyeloscopy in prepubertal children: safe and effective.
In vitro propagation of human prepubertal spermatogonial stem cells.
Using principal component analysis, K- means cluster analysis, and discriminant analysis, we identified 2 major growth phases in the postlarval benthic life of this species (juvenile or prepubertal and adult or pubertal).
Orwig and his team biopsied the testes of prepubertal and adult male macaque monkeys and cryopreserved the cells from the small samples.
Generalised aggressive periodontitis in a prepubertal patient: A case report.
The climax of World's Fair, a much anticipated trip to the 1939 World's Fair in New York, seems to come to the opposite conclusion of Joyce's famous short story, Araby, about a boy's disillusionment at a local fair Edgar's world opens, rather than closes, when visiting the World's Fair Nor does he attend the fair in hopeless isolation like the boy in Araby, but with Meg, his prepubertal first girlfriend.
REM ve NREM dongusu bebeklikte 50-60 dakika iken, prepubertal donemde ve eriskinlikte 90 dakikaya kadar uzamaktadir (5).
Cunku boyle bir tani, prepubertal donemdeki bir cocugun cinsel istismar acisindan da degerlendirilmesini zorunlu kilar.