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Synonyms for preposterously

so as to arouse or deserve laughter

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Only his horned head belonged to a bull; and yet, somehow or other, he looked like a bull all over, preposterously waddling on his hind legs; or, if you happened to view him in another way, he seemed wholly a man, and all the more monstrous for being so.
A man, with a preposterously wicked face, his right hand pressed dramatically to his heart, was falling backward to the floor.
They seem to earn a preposterously large income for what seem to be the very mundane tasks of talking on radio and reading off autocues on television.
It's a preposterously overblown sequence in a film merrily divorced from realism.
He preposterously claims it is not a Freemason's sworn oath to keep his membership secret that prevents the general public from identifying these clandestine creatures of the night.
But Kruger is still preposterously trying to suggest that Biko killed himself.
Yet Blair is not only still walking around freely, but was preposterously appointed as peace envoy to the Mideast conflict and traipses around giving lectures that put millions of dollars in his pocket.
Become preposterously wealthy at a preposterously young age?
There are a number of preposterously named places: Hell in Norway, Saddam Hussein in Sri Lanka, Wedding in Germany and Starbuck Island in Polynesia.
My father even suggested, unscientifically and preposterously, I thought, that hair in Isaiah's eyes could impair his vision long-term.
Tiggly Chef has an emergency in the kitchen, and only you and your counting toys can prepare his preposterously silly recipes.
The Russian leader has blamed Ukraine for the jet's downing, and Russian state media preposterously claimed that the Ukrainian military fired on the jet because it believed that Putin was on board.
The self-pitying princess passes time watching videos of her wedding and, preposterously, is portrayed as an international diplomacy mastermind.
The match was preposterously biased - if the umpire gave Lee Si-young's slaps on the wrist 22 points, then Kim should have been given at least 50 points," tweeted Byun Hee-jae, a conservative political commentator.
This Georgian building, known as the West Wing, is not just preposterously large.