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Synonyms for preposterously

so as to arouse or deserve laughter

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It sounds so preposterously up-to-date and modernish for this darling, leisurely old place.
Between them was a pole inconceivably slender, on them were harnesses preposterously string-like and fragile.
So if you do absolutely desperately need a new, coat, hat or pair of preposterously high heels, why are you reading this and not fighting for a parking space at your nearest retail park?
Preposterously, as of Sunday, it appeared that neither Rezaian nor his lawyer, Leila Ahsan, had been told how long the sentence would be.
Yet Blair is not only still walking around freely, but was preposterously appointed as peace envoy to the Mideast conflict and traipses around giving lectures that put millions of dollars in his pocket.
Become preposterously wealthy at a preposterously young age?
She is smug, snobby, babyish and Tigger-like, one minute preening preposterously and oering calm words of wisdom the next.
He might be half a century old but, irritatingly, Nathan remains stupidly good-looking and preposterously smooth.
Tiggly Chef has an emergency in the kitchen, and only you and your counting toys can prepare his preposterously silly recipes.
The Russian leader has blamed Ukraine for the jet's downing, and Russian state media preposterously claimed that the Ukrainian military fired on the jet because it believed that Putin was on board.
The self-pitying princess passes time watching videos of her wedding and, preposterously, is portrayed as an international diplomacy mastermind.
Forty-one states of the union have adopted official state insects, preposterously enough, and better than nine out of 10 fall into one of those three categories.
Facebook has revolutionised networking, never mind its preposterously hypocritical elements.
It really trivialized preposterously and outrageously the sacrifices made by the sons of soil.
In most years this new storage flowway would capture a lion's share of the billions of gallons now shunted, preposterously, to the oceans.