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creating a favorable impression

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But the lines of an uncommonly prepossessing countenance were gradually becoming composed; and he now sat silent, and apparently musing.
Grant received in those whom she hoped to love better than ever a young man and woman of very prepossessing appearance.
Wagner was a more prepossessing Turandot vocally than she was visually.
The Pocket Hammerless was a prepossessing little arm, and it was immediately recognized that it would provide a superlative canvas for some of Colt's artisans.
The absence of elasticity in the rhythm and agogic ease is even more palpable in the account of Robert Schumann's piano concerto, which does contain prepossessing lyrical standstills and dialogues with the woodwinds, yet fails to present the Schumannesque imagination and airy motion.
Parabuthus can be distinguished by a thick and prepossessing tail and relatively small pincers, which are not heavily relied upon to subdue prey because of the potency of the quick-acting venom.
And exactly just what did that prepossessing phrase mean?
Hereby, Gilbert White and The Natural History of Selborne project a thoroughgoing decency that travels through time surpassed only by a commitment to intellectually honest, prepossessing, amateur scientific observation and inquiry.
The other sentence, shorter and even less prepossessing, constitutes section 2.
Summary: "Home & Key" is a prepossessing short film that revolves around the death of a Kurdish family in the 20th century.
It is this last point that Los Angeles--based artist Alex Olson makes into something like a subject in her witty, prepossessing paintings, which often take their cues from written -texts, including posters and fashion editorials.
For the bunch of slack-jawed, vacant-eyes, boringly middle class mists who crowd Wimbledon each June are, beyond question, the least prepossessing sports fans anywhere in the world.
This officer," the Sandhurst graduate, who had commanded a brigade of Coldstream Guards during the Sudan campaign, wrote, "is the least prepossessing of the Confederate generals.
The quick take on Sylvan Esso, a prepossessing new synth-pop duo, involves a bucolic impulse met by an industrial process.
Thankfully we seemed to have learned lessons from this period and we would surely save a pub as magnificent as The Woodman; as was the case with the somewhat less prepossessing Prince of Wales threatened with demolition as a result of the Convention Centre being built in the late 1980s but ultimately spared after a public campaign led by former Warwickshire and England cricketer Bob Willis.